Inclusive Bipartisanshipb – BAAAAAD

As Conservative Republicans or what I like to refer as Real Americans’ there are two words we need to be extremely cautious of… even afraid of…Inclusive and bipartisanship.

Why? One because the liberals love those words and that is reason enough; however how many times have you heard the liberal media say we need to be more inclusive if we want to win elections.

Why would they want us to win more elections, they think we are racist bigots. They don’t, they want us to be inclusive so they can further their agenda. You see if we are more inclusive, we allow those who do not stand for the same things we believe in.

In fact we end up with people in our party who believe more in what their party believes in. Look at what is currently taking place; President Trump never got a bill on his desk to repeal Obamacare… thank you John McCain.
He has been stifled with his tax plan all because of being inclusive. Why would we want to include those who are not like minded…? I mean would we allow Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton in our party… I hope not.
Inclusive was a simple manipulation in an attempt to weaken our party, and it worked.

Bipartisanship is the way we are guilted into compromising our values and morality. If we don’t work with the liberals we are control freaks who are power hungry and don’t care about the country. Yea like they would even talk to us when they were in control.

The big problem is we have been compromising for so long they have pretty much taken everything; the liberals don’t really compromise, they are just good at deceiving us to believe they are.

Yes there are things we can compromise on, but values, morality and standing up for what the REAL America is all about are not amongst them, yet those have pretty much disappeared.

The fact is we real American’s have so little in common with most of these liberals, it seems futile to even engage in a conversation with them. Yet we continue to do it in some foolish notion that they will somehow come to their senses.

Well we better come to ours and realize how we are being manipulated and what it is they are doing to Our Country. And where do we start… Education.


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