Libs want weaker America

I stumbled on a story from years ago that really hit home for me and I remember how it bothered me back then. And now I see how the media treats President Trump it is really bothering me today.
What I stumbled on was when Vice President Biden says, “We have turned the corner,” and President Obama says, “We have tried our plan and it worked,” and half of American’s cheered. I knew we were in trouble. Anyone who objectively looked at where America was could perceive we were nowhere near on the verge of returning to a healthy nation.
Now I do believe Obama was right in saying his plan worked, because his plan was to make America globally weaker and turn it into a socialist nation. I guess that was the corner Biden was referring to. The corner of weak and socialism.
Now Pres Trump has made it better; however you would think he was the devil by what the media say. And half of Americans listen to and blindly follow the media. How are American’s so deceived when they are so obviously lied to? Simple! Through our education system; teach our children social subjects are more important than the basics; sex education is not more important than reading phonically, writing, math, and the real American history. We teach a, depend on government mentality as well as an entitlement mentality… we should be teaching the government should not be fixing my problems, the government IS the problem.
I repeat what John Dewey said over 100 years ago, “Independent self-reliant people were a counter-productive anachronism in the collective society of the future. In such a world people who read too well or too early are dangerous because they become privately empowered, they know too much, and they know how to find out what they need to know by themselves, without consulting the experts.”
If we care about America we better start caring about education… now.


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