Racism & Division {Part 1}

Racism and Division in America – One does not define the other!

– Division will end when everyone reverts back to what the Founding Fathers intended for the Constitution and our nation; however,
– How do you end racism while continually endorsing it?
Racism and the division in America today is so vast you might think it irreversible. Some believe these two are one in the same; I do not agree. While there are many similarities the two have totally different remedies.
The division in America is politically driven; half of us are conservative traditional real Americans; and the other half are liberals simply waiting for us real Americans to die off; because our public schools are teaching America’s children to be liberals, so all that will be left will be the left. The conservatives believe the people know what is best for themselves; while the liberals think they know what is best for everyone.
Remember this is what happens when you are manipulated into compromising with the enemy. A very wise man once said “What does light have in common with darkness?” Our goal should not be to compromise with the darkness whose desires are to lessen America’s greatness and wait for us to die.
It is our duty to restore the greatness our founders desired, and that can only happen when light continues to shine. When light shines darkness does not fade it dies.
All we need to do to restore our great country is simply read what our founders’ intentions were with the Constitution and the Amendments and stop manipulating the words to get to the meaning that will fit your agenda. Thomas Jefferson wrote
“On every question of the construction, carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted; recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”
Liberals LOVE to manipulate the facts to get the meaning THEY want.

Now Racism unlike Division is not totally driven by politics; it is more driven by the media and black leaders. With racism you have to consistently remind people of their race.
We will get to that in my next vlog…


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