Racism & Division {Part 4}

America was founded on personal responsibility. So America is not the problem, the individuals within America are and those individuals are not just white. Remember in America everyone, according to the Constitution, has an equal opportunity to succeed.
Obviously those from affluent families will have an enhanced likelihood of succeeding. But someone in that family most likely started this prosperous trend.
Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, and Maxine Waters family will all have a much better chance of being successful than my family. Is that racism?
Of course not. They worked hard to get where they are. One of the problems I have with them is those four individuals are racist individuals themselves. You need just listen to their rhetoric.
What I said in the beginning of this vlog about nations not being racist but individuals… again, this is what America was all about, individual responsibility. America is not a racist nation because of a few white supremacists’ anymore than we are racist nation because Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg and Jesse Jackson are racists.
Another problem is, what could mend America’s race dilemma would take the spotlight away from these black leaders. The only issue keeping the spotlight on Sharpton, Goldberg and Jackson is racism; they have an extremely influential voice and they use that voice to spread hatred and excuses.
Without racism there will be no microphone or TV camera in front of them. Their success relies solely on failures of their own people and their continued hatred of the whites. In my book I wrote how if you give someone an excuse to fail… they will. If you take away the excuses they have a much higher likelihood of success.
If more and more blacks are successful and not consumed by the past, Jackson, Goldberg and Sharpton would be out of a job out of the spotlight. If those three were really disturbed about what was taking place in the black community they would be focused on the fact that WELL over 90% of all black crime is black on black not white on black… yet there they are with every opportunity fueling the fire for racism, because again, without it they are done.
In my next vlog I will Finish up with my Racism and Division in America segment.


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