President Trump got angry today because the bipartisanship politicians he brought together to fix this DACA problem we not doing their jobs.  He used the word “shithole” when referring to some of the countries these illegal’s come from.  For one thing I am willing to bet you that the liberal who heard him say this was so excited to come out of the meeting to tattle on the president that he wet himself. I mean really… you are in a meeting and this is all you got out of it.  Yes people, the LIBERALS are destroying this country.  I am sure other nations are wetting themselves laughing so hard at some of these idiots we have elected.  Other lands would have these people wiping the crap of the boots of the peasants; here in America we elect them as Senators…. Unbelievable.  Another thing is this was said in a private, not on twitter or a press conference; I am sure this is not the first time any politician has dropped a few bombs during negations.  And by the way those countries he was referring to are pretty much what he said they are.  Most people treat rodents better than these countries treat their citizens.

Again, to be so outrageously offended would be to believe that you have never said a vulgar word in your life; I remember when Vice President Biden was caught dropping the F Bomb when talking to President Obama when he thought the mic was off; everyone thought that was funny.

To those self righteous republicans who expressed their offensiveness I say to you… Remember why he was elected, he was not a politically correct puppet; he said what was on his mind – which is a great thing.  I would rather have a politician tell me how they feel politically incorrectly than have a politician lie to my face in a politically correct manner.

To those Anti-American liberals who were shocked, offended and acted more upset over this than the plethora of sexual misconduct allegations taking place within their party and their followers I say to you… This is more offensive than burning an unborn fetus alive in the womb; more offensive than sucking a living unborn fetus piece by piece out of the womb; more offensive than taking God out of your platform?  Boy do you people have your priorities all Bleeped up.

Maybe when you politicians come back to the real world and see how it works, you will realize that sometimes when you actually care about something and have passion for it you use strong language.  If any of you who were offended were in the military you heard a LOT of colorful language… because the drill instructors were passionate about keeping their young soldiers alive if they had to go into battle.

But as I have said before, evil is a magician that has you focused on what IS NOT important so you miss what IS important.  Boarder security and immigration is essential in making America great again, almost as important as education.  Yet some liberal idiot could not wait to get the country to focus on President Trump using the word “Shithole.”   Give me a break, and please grow the bleep up.


Trump Uses a Bad Word and People are Outrageously Offended – Give me a Bleeping Break

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