What We’re Teaching – Not Good {Part 1}

What is it we are teaching in our public schools? On June 16, 1994 the Wall Street Journal wrote about a school district in Maryland having police officers teach about “How to get arrested.” Not what should I do so I never get arrested but how to get arrested.

In August of that same year the New American reported that approximately 41% of the school day is spent on the core subjects of Math, Science, History, and English the majority of their school time is on subjects relating to Aids, environment, drivers training, multiculturalism, sex ed, and other family affairs.

Sounds like John Dewey is getting his way and social subjects are the bulk of what our schools are teaching.
Chelmsford Massachusetts high school had an assembly that all students were required to go. That assembly was so Susan Landolpi’s could do her “Hot, Sexy and Safer” program where not only did she openly speak about erections, penis size, masturbation, sodomy and homosexuality; she had a male student come on stage with her and lick a giant condom after she had a under aged girl come up on stage and blow the condom up and place it over a males head.

They had a skit called a “group sex experience” where students were asked to simulate masturbation, had a minor child exhibit a orgasm face and told another minor they were not experiencing enough orgasms.

When parents found out about this many were outraged and sued. The lost, the courts said the schools had the right to do this.

Maybe this was because in Texas Judge Melinda Harmon ruled in a case where a female nurse examined a nude male student for possible abuse. She ruled that the school was within their rights because; now listen closely, because “When you drop off your child at school you give up your parental rights.”

Is it any wonder why America’s public schools are taking on more and more parental responsibilities?

Granted this does not happen in every school; however it does set precedence.

This is why we need to take away the ability of our schools to do this by teaching only academics and leave the parenting to the parents. Governors who appoint Judges like Harmon need to be bogged down with protests of opposition. Let them know this is unacceptable and if they don’t, they will lose their job.

This stuff is happening friends, and WE are allowing it. Let’s say NO MORE this will not continue on…
And believe it or not there is much much more on what we are teaching in our public schools in my next vlog.


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