Anti American Left – Not American’s

Okay, I think it is safe to say I am fed up with these democratic, left wing, Anti-Real American’s and there anti-rallies. What been happening around America and Berkeley CA proves their hatred for this country.

They call the right racists, bigots, and my personal favorite fascists. These people are so ignorant they do not even know what a fascist is. In addition to a dictator the main part of fascism is oppression of speech.

Let’s take a look at that. Name me a left wing rally that had an organized anti-rally… I can’t find one. Name a right winged rally that did not have an organized anti-rally… I can’t find one. How about naming me a left wing speaker that has had to cancel their speech or who showed up but was not able to speak because of the right wing yelling and screaming and not allowing them to speak. Laura Ingram is just one of countless right wing speakers having to cancel or not allowed to speak when asked.

So what… wing… is oppressing speech; it sure is not the right. And of course the left Anti-Real American’s say they are their because of the White Supremacists, racists and bigots that are at the rally’s. Well according to the left anyone who voted for Trump is a White Supremacist racist bigot.

Do you realize that means almost half American’s are White Supremacist racist bigots, including the likes of Ben Carson; one of the most mild-mannered intelligent people around.

The main stream media is truly responsible for this violence taking place only telling one side of the story… Their side.

Our public school system must bear the majority of the responsibility with t heir liberal Anti-American curriculum. They teach hate and call it tolerance; they teach apathy and call it peace; they DO NOT teach the real history of America, and they DO NOT teach the correct method of how to read. And when you are not a proficient reader, you listen to the one sided media.

If we do not restore our public school system to the greatness it once was this Anti-American media will continue unchecked.


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