Discipline {Part 1}

I talked in length concerning our reading dilemma and now I want to focus on discipline.
Societies become extinct when its people lack discipline. Discipline is impossible without proper punishment. Successful punishment must be a
deterrent not an incentive.
Presently in our schools, consequences are not a deterrent; in reality they are more of an incentive. Suspensions are occasions for students to vacation at home and play their video games with little or no direction. It is virtually as if we are persuading students to disrupt classes.
Have you ever watched the movies “Lean on Me” with Morgan Freeman or “The Principle” with James Belushi? Great movies; really showed how one person can make a difference.
If you listen to all of the commentaries on these movies you would see they don’t focus on the one thing that both principals did that allowed them to make that difference.
Their initial actions were to remove roughly one-third of the population of disruptive, dangerous and disrespectful students prior to dealing with any other issue. It was then and only then they were able to put their plan into action. Without the removal of the crud there would have been no story. This is what I refer to as focusing on the Drop-In rate not the Drop-Out rate.
The Drop-Out rate is the responsibility of the parents; the Drop-In rate is the schools responsibility. This is why America’s schools are deteriorating at this alarming rate.
You see you cannot do both, if you focus on the Drop-Out rate you leave those students who truly want to learn out in the dust. On the contrary if you focus on the Drop-In rate they will be able to flourish and those unruly students may figure it out and become successful students.
If you do not believe an excess of our schools are discipline free schools… I taught at an expelled school and many students who finished and were offered an attempt to go back to a comprehensive school would immediately cause problems at their new school in order to come back to the expelled school. They would tell me how easy it was because they could pretty much do whatever they wanted, like cuss out a teacher or do drugs and nothing would happen to them.
I will finish up with this next time.


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