Freedom is not Free {Part 2}

Remember in my last vlog I talked about the price we paid for freedom and guns might be dangerous; however gun free zones are much more dangerous. As I promised in today’s vlog we’ll take a look at letting the government protect our lives and homes; and keep in mind our police force in this country is second to none. So in an ideal situation it takes at least 5 to 10 minutes to get a response. In 5 minutes a thief can steal tens of thousands of dollars of a person’s valuables.
In 5 minutes a rapist can rape a woman and have time to clean up his mess. In 5 minutes a murderer can kill an entire family and be a few miles away when the police arrive.
In Las Vegas a nut case killed 58 people and wounded over 500 in under 10 minutes; and he did not care if he was caught because he was planning to die.
The point here is – our founders intended for American citizens to protect themselves and their property on their own. They expected them to be brave and defend themselves and their families.
Now because of a few nutcases the left winged cowards want us to give up are guns {oh they say they only want tougher laws, but left winged cowards lie as a second language}, they want our guns. So they can be in control.
Never forget: Freedom is not free and most cowards are not free, they are trapped in their phobias waiting for someone else to protect them… Do you remember how well that worked out for Germany?
There will always be nuts who misuse guns, no law will ever stop that; but personally I want to be able to own a gun to protect myself from that nut.
Yes, guns are dangerous; but so is freedom. If you teach the proper respect of a weapon and not turn a nation into gunaphobics, you will have a better chance of safety and freedom than without them.
I will finish with this question. If a gang comes marching down your street with automatic weapons, whose house will you run to? The liberal coward who’s waiting for help; or the brave real American who has armed himself and just might have a couple of automatic weapons for defense.
There is a question I would like to ask in our Public Schools.


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