It’s Not His Policies – They Want Him to Fail {Part 2}

If you remember we talking about how the RINO’s simply want President Trump to fail because he is really not one of them – He makes them look bad. We conversed about Senators John McCain and Lisa Murkowski and their hypocrisy’s and their loathing of the president.
Now we can talk about Senator Bob Corker who told the NY Times, that slimebucket newspaper that hates Conservatives and America, he told them that the president may be putting us on the path to WWIII and he is running the country like a reality show. The libs ate that one up… thank you Corky.
The fact is President Trump chose to lead this country from the position of power not from the position of cowardlyness like Obama. So Corky are you still a little upset because he didn’t pick you as his VP… AAAAAh poor baby. Look your retiring, just stick a cork in it.
Do you know why these politicians do this? Because they do not think we will see it. Our education system is so ineffective they do not believe we will notice and they must be right because they keep getting elected. Yea, not many ELECTED republicans even really want to fix education, because they realize an uneducated society will continue to elect those that scratch their itchy ears. Those that tell you one thing and do another.
One, we need to remove these self-serving elected officials who care more about how THEY feel than how WE feel and refuse to do what is best for us simply to ensure President Trump does not succeed. And Two, we need to take our education system back and then remove the social subject agenda and take us “Back to the Basics” of academics, teach our children the proper way to read and think for themselves so we can revert back to keeping our elected officials accountable.


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