It’s the Democrats who are the real negatives {Part 1}

You know how the liberals are always saying us Conservatives are so negative. It is all about what we are against not what we are for.
For instance, we are anti-abortion; actually we are pro-life, but we all know the libs second language is lying. We are against gun control, the elderly {we want to throw granny over the cliff}, we’re against the handicapped, social security, and sooo many other things. None of these are actually accurate; however these are their talking points to win elections. Truth, facts and accuracy has never been their strong points.
With that said, let’s take a look at the libs and really how negative they are. First off if you ask most real American’s and many from other countries you will find our Founding Fathers looked upon in a positive light, even hero status… Not the Libs.
Take a look at some of our founders and you will see what the libs think of them.
Take Christopher Columbus do the libs want to focus on his awe-inspiring contributions to this country? No, they want to focus on only the negative.
Yes there were slave ships; however, as wrong as it was, that was the evil ways of those times; it was not even considered wrong anymore than murdering millions of unborn children today is considered wrong. All this is accomplished by manipulating the facts – to make individuals believe the unborn are not full human beings; that’s the same lie that was told to us back then about black people.
By the way Africa had more black slaves than America ever had, and most of them were owned AND sold by other blacks. But that’s education.
The libs also love to teach how Columbus killed hundreds of thousands of people with European diseases. Like anyone really realized they were carrying viruses that would be so infectious.
But there goes the liberals manipulating us into believing he carried syringes with these diseases and injected hundreds of thousands of people with them. Come on it would be like telling someone in the last century that someone would actually fly planes into buildings in the name of terrorism. Who could possibly foresee these horrific events? What Columbus’ achievements’ actually were many compare to the astronauts in the 50’s and 60’s. It took immense courage, bravery and boldness to set out on this quest; but he did it. And without his fearlessness there would not be an America today. Which in reality would be the aspirations of the liberals anyway. In my next vlog we will finish up on how the libs are the real negatives when we chat about a couple more of our founders and how the libs treat them.


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