It’s the Democrats who are the real negatives {Part 2}

If you recall in my last vlog we talked about how the libs love to call us negative and how they manipulate the truth to further their agenda. I was showing you how they are actually the negatives using our Founding Fathers as examples. I was explaining their negative feelings about Christopher Columbus.
Now how about George Washington, the father of our nation, and who most, here and abroad, believed to be the most courageous and humble man they ever heard of. What do the liberals focus on? He was a slave owner. Do they ever speak about the fact he freed his slaves when we separated from the British? No.
Do they mention his desires to end slavery and that he said “I can only say that there is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do to see a plan adopted to abolish it [slavery]?” No, they don’t mention that – it does not sustain their agenda. How about John Adams, they never mention the fact he never owned slaves. Thomas Jefferson is known as slave owner and adulterer {something I thought was a plus for libs}; yet they never seem to be able to teach us that he wrote legislation, on more than one occasion, to end slavery only to be defeated by…. Wait for it… the democrats.
There was only one who was perfect, Jesus Christ. The point here is, with the exception of Him, none of us is flawless even the libs, although they would have you believe different. However, the libs like magicians have us focused on the flaws of our founders rather than their virtues. It also takes the focus off of their endless imperfections… Remember the movie “Wag the Dog.”
You have to comprehend the libs final objective is to change America from greatness to weakness, and the most efficient way to accomplish this is to belittle those who established this great country. That is what the libs do when they cannot defeat the message they demean the messenger. I hope you can see how this negative message of our founders is becoming the belief of many of our citizens and the destruction and devastation it has caused us.
Let’s be real, who of us would like to be remembered for the bad things we have done in our lives? They are not what have defined most of us; but the evil liberals do not care about what defines a true American; they care about what they can use to accomplish their agenda.
I also hope you are beginning to comprehend how they are accomplishing this; they control our education, so they control what is taught. These atrocities, lies and manipulations of the facts I have mentioned today are being taught in our public schools. If we, the real American’s, want our America back, we need take our schools back and stop this. He who controls the children controls the future. Goodness needs to be in control of that.


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