What We’re Teaching – Not Good {Part 4}

In finishing up on the tolerance taught in our public schools let me start with a quote about tolerance from the author and poet Gilbert K. Chesterton. He said, “Tolerance is a virtue of the man with no convictions.” That sums it up pretty well.

Another real dilemma in our schools the hate taught during Black History month is despicable and would shock you; again not in all schools but many of them do speak of how white people hate the blacks, which is simply not even close to being true.

They give some horrendous examples of despicable white men and what THEY did. And because THEY did it the students get the belief all white people are that way.

They teach how America’s founders hated them and were racist slave owners. Never do they teach that most of the founders freed their slaves when we separated from the Brits. George Washington was one of the firsts. Thomas Jefferson put forth legislation on several occasions to ban slavery in America, which was always defeated by the democrats. John Adams never owned slaves. To not educate our children on THE WHOLE story is criminal.

But with this going on is it any wonder there is so much hatred and division in America with so many of our public schools instructing this under the guise of tolerance.

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization an organization the National Education Association has endorsed prominently and has had impacted our education system. They defined tolerance as respect, acceptance and appreciation of the world’s cultures.

This sounds virtuous on paper; however in reality this means we need to be tolerant of societies that treat their women no different than we do an animal. We must be tolerant of those cultures that murder homosexuals. All these are what our schools teach students to be tolerant of.

What a mixed message this sends to our children. No wonder children are so messed up when they become adults.
This is why we need to remove all of these social subjects from our schools; they truly offer no practical value, can only do harm and take precious time away from academic teaching.

Those of us who truly care about education must cease in our pacification of these Anti-American liberals. We are losing our children and our country because of our appeasement.

Winston Churchill said, “An appeaser is someone who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
Simply put in this context, we are so fearful of offending someone; we do not stand up for or say what is right for fear of being consumed by the enemy.

What I say is stop living in fear, which is no way to live. Stop caring what the enemy says, thinks or believes. We have right on our side, and when the liberals try to devour us; our integrity will be such a horrific taste they will spew us out because they will know what lies ahead for them if they digest the substance of righteousness.


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