The Only Reason to Take a Knee

My vlog today will be about the only reason to take a knee. Here is the ultimate hypocrisy for Roger Goodell the NFL, NCAA, players and owners who support taking a knee during the national anthem.
How many of your remember Tim Tebow? Pretty good quarterback. SEC player of the year two years in a row. Runner up for the Heisman Trophy award and is in Florida’s football Hall of Fame.
He won a playoff game in his first opportunity; something Payton Manning… took him a couple of years to do with the Bronco’s.
Now he is not only extremely active in his community; But Tim Tebow began his own hospital called the Cure Hospital.
While playing for Florida Tebow inscribed Bible verses on the black patches they wear under their eyes. Now because HE did this it’s a practice that has been banned by the NCAA… God forbid we have God.
In the NFL he was probably one of the most ridiculed quarterbacks I have ever seen. Announcers nitpick at anything he may have done incorrectly. Why? Because he took a knee. Now when he took a knee it was for pretty different reasons than those who are choosing to do it now.
He took a knee in reverence to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Today those taking a knee are doing it in contempt for America, the flag and the National Anthem. All because of this rhetoric concerning race in America.
You know according to the Pro Football magazine Tebow was one of the most discussed and most polarizing figures in sports; which was strange territory for a replacement player on a last place team.
Opponents mocked his celebration pose, kneeling in prayer. Which became known as Tebowing. All the comics mimicked him, Saturday night live, the comics on late night TV; and they weren’t doing it in a complementary way. They weren’t laughing with him, they were mocking him.
Canada called him the Kim Kardashian of sports, not a good thing. On line the torrent mockery and criticism was fierce. Blog posts included, God explains why He let Tim Tebow fail… give me a break.
I believe it was so bad that teams did not want to pick him up for fear of criticism of the broadcasters. Now this may sound similar to what was going on with Colin Kapernick but in reality it was totally different.
Teammates of Kapernick they didn’t like him; he had a reputation of not being a fun guy or a good guy, which is why teams did not pick him up. Whereas Tebow’s teammates really liked him, said he was a great guy and a great teammate.
The point I am trying to make here is the differences in taking a knee in these two situations: one was in reverence and one was for contempt.
You know what the real sad thing here is? The one and those that are doing it for contempt are looked upon as brave and are praised and they have many followers; and the one who did it in reverence for Jesus is looked upon as a fool and admonished.


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