Racism and Division {Part 2}

Some may say as a white man I have no right to speak about what the black community needs to do. It is true I do not know what it is like to be black, but a black person does not know what it is like to be white.
Those statements are true they are not totally correct and definitely do not define racism. I do not know what it is like to be filthy rich or homeless, does not mean I cannot be empathetic and understand what the homeless may be going through and that I may have some insight on what they could do to get out of the rut they are in.
I also am an American which gives me the right to do so; if you desire to call me a racist and other evil slurs… so be it. I simply want America to become better.
And I must say with all that has been transpiring in the last few years it seems that America becoming better is not the goal of many, especially those on the left.
This rhetoric concerning racism is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. Even I find myself becoming angry over listening to white privilege, President Trump being a racist, bigot and white supremacist sympathizer; not to mention anyone who voted for Trump was also a racist bigot.
Do you understand what a self fulfilling prophecy is? It is a mother who tells all her child will be in the hospital in two months; and then feeds them a little arsenic every day. Guess what? It two month her child was in the hospital.
Does that make her a prophet? No, it makes her a bad mother.
The left feeds America with hate filled statements day after day about police brutality against blacks; with no data to back it. Statements about blacks not having the same opportunity with little or no data to back it and you wonder why there is so much racism in America… both by the blacks and the whites.
If you tell a kid he is stupid often enough he will eventually believe it. If you tell a white person he is a racist often enough if might end up a racist. If you tell a black person he is oppressed often enough, he will act like it. If you excuse poor behavior often enough, eventually you will believe poor behavior is normal.
What is happening today is the promotion of racism all in the name of stopping it. When you want to put out a fire, you do not throw gasoline on it.
In my next Vlog I will go into greater detail on Racism and Division in America.


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