Racism and Division {Part 5}

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You see what America needs to do is refer to all crimes as crimes not hate crimes. All the term “hate crime” does is put a focus on our differences. We need to stop hyphenating America… There should be no such thing as an African, Hispanic, White, Asian or any other hyphenated American… just an American. That is how racism will be minimized. It will never cease; however we can minimize it.
All I want to do is for everyone to be treated the same; not special THE same. On the other hand Jackson, Goldberg and Sharpton want the focus to be on our differences and to be treated special; not the same.
Today treating a Hispanic or a black individual equally is actually considered racism. When I was teaching if I removed a white child for calling me a vulgar name it was righteous; yet when I removed a black child for calling me that same name, I was racist.
Jackson, Goldberg and Sharpton lust for the spotlight and yearn for the applause and for all to think they are the wisest of them all. Yet they want their youth going to school and be disruptive so they can claim racism when in reality all it is, is a lack of personal responsibility.
They want them to riot in the streets and destroy property so they can claim white privilege, rather than taking personal responsibility.
Those three individuals truly desire for the black youths to fail in school so they can claim the schools are only for the whites, instead of taking personal responsibility. They use their own people to further their agenda when they should be telling them to go to school, be respectful and learn.
Here is the truth; none of us have ever taken or known personally any individual that has taken any black man or woman as slaves it has fallen upon this generation to consistently defend ourselves from accusations of being racist despite a vast majority of us being unprejudiced. Furthermore, no person of those making these accusations has ever been taken as slave nor known any individual who was a slave.
We are forced to fight over an offense we did not give against those who were not alive to be offended.
This does not by any means declare unfair treatment has not existed nor does it proclaim it will not continue to exist. Actually just the opposite; there will always be ignorance in this world, but if you want to lessen the occurrences of racism we need to deal with it on an individual basis. If you deal with it collectively and in general as we are currently, it will simply continue to get worse.
Simply put; just because you can formulate an event into a racist incident, does not mean you should. Teach our children when a person does something appalling, it merely means “that person” needs to account for their actions; not the entire race.
Racism will only cease to exist when I am no longer referred to as a white man and a man like Dr. Ben Carson is no longer referred to as a black man. Racism will lose its grip when Dr. Carson and I are simply referred to as men.


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