Racism & Division {Part 3}

As I finished in my last video I talked about how we are promoting racism and how what is taking place today is a self fulfilling prophecy.
I also expressed how racism unlike Division is not totally driven by politics; it is more driven by the media and black leaders. With racism you have to consistently remind people of their race.
In a successful marriage a spouse does not consistently remind the other spouse of the wrongs they have committed? Notice how I said “successful.” They definitely would not hold them accountable for the things their great, great, great, great grandfather did to their great, great, great, great grandmother.
The hatred between races has escalated out of control since Obama became president. Why? It is simple the media, our politicians and the black leadership in America look for any excuse to escalate it.
We now have a police v. blacks in America, which if you look at the statistics you will realize is not based on any reality. But as soon as the opportunity arises, there is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg and Obama making the judgment against a white police officer being racist for shooting a black criminal (Jesse, Al, Whoopi and Obama call victim). Which by the way in 99% of the cases they were all wrong.
They continue to push their America is a racist nation agenda. Let me truly clarify this: America is not a racist nation; in actuality no nation is really a racist nation; however with that said all nations have individuals who are racists that dwell within their borders for those nations that have borders.
In my next vlog I will continue with my Racism and Division in America segment.


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