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First off I must say that any man who takes advantage of any woman is beyond despicable; sexual misconduct is loathsome, disgusting and vile. With that said I also must say there are two sides to every story. It is equally as loathsome, disgusting and vile to accuse a man of sexual misconduct if it is not true or even questionable and if it happened decades ago it is especially questionable. You see the mere accusation of this despicable act will destroy a man’s life, truth be damned. Why if it happened decades ago? Society was different 20, 30 years ago; it was our sexual revolution, everyone was jumping into bed with anyone; drugs and alcohol were unbound; the boundaries’ of sex were pretty much limitless, so it is pretty hard to make a realistic sexual misconduct allegation from back then. It may not seem right, but it is true. Today, our newspapers and TV news stations are flooded with sexual conduct accusations, many of these accusations are serious, many of them are false or at the least open for suspicion and many are ridiculous. Laura Ingram had a woman on her show who was so devastated that she went back to her desk and try to recover because she left a Senators office feeling like a piece of meat because the Senator told her she looked nice and asked her to twirl for him. My wife lost it when she heard that. She was so angry, “Pretty soon men and women will not be able to talk to each other, flirting is out, compliments are gone. Men will not be able to ask a woman out without fear of be accused of some sort of sexual misconduct.” I mean she is absolutely right. Undoubtedly there is nothing more heinous than rape; copping a feel, talking dirty, sexual innuendos, and the likes are unacceptable and disrespectful to any woman. I still believe a woman must be treated special as God intended. However, with that said we also must remember being accused of these things is just as heinous, so we must be sure of its validity as to not ruin an innocent man’s life. My fear is that immoral women… and men… may begin to use this as means to control. I have already seen it in the classroom where teachers have been threatened by students to give a good grade or they will say the teacher groped them, exposed themselves or try to have sex with them. If kids are doing this in the classroom, you can bet it is happening in the business world also. How do you put a stop to this? I will answer that question with a quote from George Washington who said in his farewell address to the country, “Reason and experience forbid us to believe you can have a national morality without a religious {Biblical) principle.” Simply put you remove Jesus Christ’s Father and you lose moral fiber. We removed God from the schools in ’63 and have slowly been removing Him from every place else in America since… Ask yourself is America really a better place for it?


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