Sexual Misconduct – Can Anyone Actually Define It?

Okay, I am a man so I have no idea what it’s like to be a woman or sexually harassed so I have no right to talk about it. That is what I have been told. I am also a white man so I have no idea what it’s like to be black so I can’t talk about racism. These are what are known as manipulations of the truth in order to keep us under control by not allowing us an opinion. It is true that I am a white man that does not know what it is like to be black or a woman; but it is also true that you do not know what it is like to be white and called a racist (especially when you are not); women do not know what it is like to be a man and accused of sexual misconduct (especially when it is not true). The “You have no idea what it is like to be a…” is a misuse of our gender to guilt us into keeping quiet. I am hoping to put an end to this; because a vast majority of us white men are not sexist, racist or bigots and we have some excellent ideas and insights on remedies for these dilemmas.
There is an epidemic of women coming out claiming sexual misconduct against men, and we are not talking about rape here we are talking about claims of sexual misconduct… a big difference. And I will tell you this is really ticking me off. These allegations are being made and reported even though they have no idea if they are true, made up, or a possible misunderstanding. What needs – must happen is to ask ourselves is this celebrated trend giving women more courage to report the crime or is giving them the opportunity become prominent themselves; was there actual sexual misconduct or did the reporting enlighten them to now believe the man was not merely being nice to them, they were being inappropriate sexually; or were some simply perceiving an opportunity to get back at someone or have a nice payday.
I understand these questions are not politically correct; however these are questions that must be asked and answered. As I have stated in my other VLOG’s, this is such a despicable action that the accuser needs to be under the same scrutiny as the accused. Yes equal accountability. If not the kind of power we give to accuser’s is beyond recognition; all one needs do is make the accusation and they automatically win. Any man accused of this will most likely be asked to resign, terminated or at least suspended; the accuser will be in total control of our election process – just wait until a few months before the elections and anyone you don’t like… you accuse. He groped me… no proof, but the candidate is done.
Now there is another big question no one has really addressed and that is what is sexual harassment or misconduct? One case had a Senator pay a compliment to a young lady and asked her to twirl; something I think is safe to say by us older folks, is more of a tribute than misconduct. Now if he asked her to twirl to see her panties and asked her to pull them down, that is misconduct. My wife had an interesting observation, she said, “It’s only sexual misconduct if the person disgusts you; otherwise it’s flirting.” And if that is the case, I and my wife would say that is misconduct on the accuser, not to mention uglyism (judging a person on their ugliness). What about asking a woman out? Let’s say the copier machine is jammed; would it be sexual harassment to offer to help? What about opening the door for a woman? I have been chastised for that. I ask you is this what we really want? No common courtesy, no manners, no communication with the opposite sex for fear of sexual misconduct. I truly hope not; but currently this is the road we are traveling. I was watching “Outnumbered” on Fox News and they were talking about this in regards to President Trump and Judge Roy Moore and Marie Barf or Harf or something like that was angry at the president (she always is; her hatred for him is beyond obsessive) because he defended himself viciously after Senator Kristen Gillibrand tweeted for him to resign because of all the sexual misconduct allegations against him, and Gillibrand said she “knew he wouldn’t hold himself accountable.” He tweeted back on how Senator Gillibrand offered to “Do Anything when Begging for campaign contributions.”
Ms. Barf said that President Trump “Cannot get any lower” there are “no rules” and called him “a jerk.” Now let’s get this hypocrisy totally correct here; if a women accuses a man of sexual harassment there must be an investigation and he must step down, resign or quit whether he did it or not. On the other hand if a man does the same thing or defends himself – he is unable to sink any lower, he is irresponsible and a jerk; if that is not hypocritical nothing is. And anything Ms. Barf says about Trump should never be taken seriously because of her feelings towards him… she is totally unprofessional and a liberal.
If you think bipartisanship, racism, and bigotry was a problem in America; keep throwing salt on this festering wound and see what happens. I can tell you this, I am sure America’s enemies will do everything in their power to ensure there is an abundance of salt available, as they are laughing their butts off at us. The resolution for this may sound a bit sexist, but actually I think it is the opposite, its equality; women want to be treated equally and I agree, so if a man does something that makes you feel uneasy say something to them immediately, because that is what most men would do. If it continues, that is when you may have a problem and you need to do something about it; and not week’s later, and definitely not 30 years later or when the man runs for office.
Please – Do not misunderstand me, sexual misconduct is a problem in America; however understand this, if hundreds of women keep coming out day after day, most people, men and women alike, will begin to doubt. When that happens, those who have been actually mistreated will not be taken seriously… and that, my friends, would be the biggest tragedy.


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