What were teaching – Not Good {Part 2}

Last time I enlightened you to some pretty horrific stories. Today will be more of the same… Sorry.
Sex ed is a subject that should be totally left up to the parents, yet so many of us have been conditioned into believing it must be taught.
I mean so many parents are not doing it, so if the schools don’t do it, who will?
You know I am sorry for those children with bad parents, but frankly I have no desires to have a school system that cannot teach properly how to read teach my kids about sex.
What a majority of schools teach is kids are going to do it so teach them to do it safely… You mean like Susan Landolfi?
Point is I taught my children to abstain until marriage, as the Bible says. They go to school where they hand out condoms and say have at it.
The left is so adamant about the false narrative “Separation of Church and State,” which by the way does not exist, unless of course it is to condemn the church. The educational leaders say it is unrealistic. Well you leaders can kiss my realistic…
In sex ed they also talk about abortion, and seeing that it is legal they talk about it as an option. There was even a time when the school nurse could take a student across state lines to have an abortion and the parents would never know.
I wonder how many times a parent was notified that their daughter had died across state lines during a surgery they were not allowed to be notified of.
Thank God they can no longer do that. However, you do see the point of the slow conversion of America’s school system transforming from educating to parenting. From helping become free thinkers to reliance on the government.
Only we can stop this, my friends. By insisting our public schools only teach academics. Leave the rest to the parents.
Tolerance will be the last of what is being taught in our public school classrooms. Tolerance sounds good but guess what?


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