What were teaching – Not Good {Part 3}

Tolerance will be the last of the, what is being taught in the classroom series. I can tell you this is the most damaging and dangerous of all the curriculums.
You see it sounds really virtuous; we should be tolerant of people; however what the schools are teaching is not simply tolerance of people but we are also to be tolerant of their actions. You should never judge a person by their race or color but that does not mean we should be tolerant of what they do or how they act.
It does not matter what the color of a student’s skin is, if they disrupt the classroom they should be removed. If a white teacher removes a black or Hispanic student, that does not make them a racist… all though the schools look at it that way… believe me, it happened to me and it put me in grave danger at the school I taught at.
What is really hypocritical is the schools teach it is okay to believe that if a white teacher removes a black student they are racist; they also teach it’s ok if you are not tolerant towards Christians or Conservatives, because you see we deserve it because of the myth of our intolerance and that we are all racist.
Proof of this is I was told as a white man I was racist because I did not vote for Obama and now I am a white supremacist racist bigot because I did vote for Trump. Those statements in and of themselves are racist remarks.
I didn’t vote for Obama because of his beliefs and policies and I did vote for Trump for the same reasons.
Before I voted for Trump I voted for Ben Carson for his political views.
In many schools they teach, somewhat covertly, that Christians are not tolerant and are hateful, some even refer to us as terrorists. For instance as Christians we know homosexuality is wrong it is a sin and that is in the Word of God; however this does not mean we hate homosexuals. In fact it is just the opposite. But because this is what we believe they teach we our intolerant. Where is the tolerance for our beliefs?
In my next vlog I will finish with this tolerance debacle.


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