Fix DACA correctly – Remember Liberals need Illegal’s to Survive

I listened to the Panel President Trump brought together to fix DACA; it was a bipartisan group of Republicans and Democrats.  Conservatives were talking about the importance of not punishing those who had no control of how they arrived in America; however of equal importance was addressing family-based “chain migration” the visa lottery program, and ensuring DACA would not be allowed to continue, we know it as border security.  The voices of Liberals were spouting off the necessity of allowing those here illegally to be able to have a simple way to legalization.  Senator Feinstein from California said let’s do DACA and then after that we can work on the rest.  Yeah Right… remember we all know that the libs second language is lying, that was pretty much shot down immediately.  What the president did here was genius; he is showing his willingness to bipartisanship realizing the likelihood of the libs doing what’s best for America is slim to none, but this puts the onus on the libs.  I mean how are you going to get the libs to vote on something that eliminates the largest amount of new recruits to their party?  Most likely you will not.  Ask yourself, how many elections would the libs lose if illegals did not vote?   And how many more losses if those who came here illegally and given a free pass to citizenship by the libs were not given that free pass and did not vote?  Leslie Marshal, a liberal strategist was on Fox News and said 99.9% of legal and undocumented (a lib term for illegal) vote democrat because we do more for them.  So if you were wondering if the libs know that illegal’s vote, this should end that wonderment.  Now in the past I spelled out what I thought would be an excellent solution to this DACA problem and I will repeat it, because it bears repeating and it is Simple, any illegal who has committed murder, rape or has a DUI is gone… all others will be required to pay a ten thousand dollars fee over a period of time.  That may seem a lot however these people need to have what we call skin in the game as do other immigrants.  Why? So they appreciate what they have, citizenry in America.  We all know we take much better care of things we have earned verses what has been given us.  Now from what I understand these current illegal’s {or undocumented if you need} are all here to make money so they must have jobs, so they can afford something.  No they do not have to shell out the ten grand immediately but they will have to pay ten percent of their paychecks until the ten grand is paid.  Husbands and wives can pay 15 thousand total, and any child with them is free if they are under 21.  We give them 6 months to sign up and 1 year to start paying; after that if caught they go back.  They will have to go to classes as do any immigrant {no charge} where they will learn the American way as well as English, and they will have to pass a test.  When they have completed their classes and paid their money they will become citizens; no longer than 10 years and not sooner than 3; and yes they will have to take that same vow as all other immigrants.  You see being an American is a privilege not a right.

Many details will need to be worked out; however anyone who would be against this truly does not care about the immigrants or America… they simple want to control them and stifle those who desire’s to restore America to the greatness it once was.

This is a simple solution to a complicated problem, and of course we build the wall and increase security.

How did America get to the point where protecting illegal’s is more important than protecting its citizens?  Yes, our education system; we teach facts and truths are simply opinions, there is nothing that is truly right or wrong with one exception – tolerance is right and faithfulness, devotion and loyalty are wrong.  We fix this by taking our education system back to the basics and remove social subjects from the curriculum.  This is what RealEdAid is all about.

Jim Blockey with another great idea to save America with realedaid.


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