President Trump’s numbers are because of the media’s coverage – while President Obama’s were in spite of it

Both President Trump and President Obama have and had fairly low approval ratings; with President Trump, a 30 to 40 percent approval rating is quite miraculous seeing that 95% of the media’s narratives about him are negative; while President Obama’s 30 to 40 percent approval rating should be considered pretty dreary seeing 80% of the media’s narrative about him was and still is positive.

So you see President Trump’s numbers are BECAUSE of the media’s coverage of him while President Obama’s were IN SPITE of it.

And it is not simply because of the media; you have idiots like Senator Jeff “IMA” Flake and Senator John “McWannabe McPresident” McCain and their hatred of the president.  I understand many of the politicians in Washington are a bit jealous because someone so politically incorrect not only ran for president but actually won it; so many of them, in both parties, have done everything in their power to ensure President Trump is unsuccessful to show the world he did not belong.  They have not only done this with their votes but also with their rhetoric.

McWannabe McPresident was the deciding vote to the repeal of the worst bill ever, and his vote was against the repeal; by the way when Obama was president McWannabe McPresident voted FOR the repeal of the same bill.  Although, he was not the only Senator to flip on his promise to repeal Obamacare his was the deciding vote that kept President Trump from fulfilling his campaign promise, giving the lamestream media tons of ammunition to continue in their plethora of negative press.

IMA Flake went on the Senate floor and began to chastise the president about his treatment of the press.  In front of an over flow crowd, they all flowed out of the room over to another room, he accused the president of treating the press as Joseph Stalin did.  Even though the room was pretty much empty the press ate this up; using this as proof President Trump is a bully.

Now IMA and McWannabe are not the only two who are outwardly speaking about the president, these are simply two who have caused the most damage in my opinion.  There are many others including those on the Conservative side who continue to criticize the president because of his tweets or what he says about the press.  What they all fail to realize is his tweets, his treatment of the lamestream media and his uncompromised belief in NOT being politically correct are the very reasons he was elected.  American’s are sick and tired of being lied to by politicians who believe it is more important to be politically correct than simply being correct.  President Trump is exactly correct when he says the media is destroying this country; they do not report the truth, they manipulate it to fit their liberal socialist agenda.  They get away with it because of our education system.  Some media outlets brag about being fair and balanced, which is better than the lamestream media; however I think being right is far more important than being fair or balanced.

An example:  Did you know that approximately 10% of American’s do not believe the Holocaust actually happened?  You will notice no media outlet allows one of these fools on their network to debate this issue.  Why?  Because they KNOW those fools are wrong – so they are NOT fair and balanced when it comes to things they know are right and wrong.  So fair and balanced is just another politically correct term.

Getting back to President Trump’s approval ratings, the main problem from both sides of the media is they focus more on twisting what he says into a major problem then focusing on his many accomplishments, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram aside.  Now focusing on the right thing is the same problem education has – they focus on the “Drop-Out” rate verses focusing on the “Drop-In” rate.

Okay, I think we all know the initial objective of the press was to keep politicians and other leaders accountable by printing what actually happened, not what they, the press, perceived happened or what they could twist into supporting their beliefs.

I ask you who is keeping the press accountable; when they blatantly manipulate the truth or outwardly lie what are the consequences?  Sometimes, but not often they are suspended or terminated.  Thomas Jefferson hated the Supreme Court because of the power they could have if they were to manipulate the truth – and what he said about how they should carry out their duties directly correlates to today’s press.

He said, “On every question of construction, carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates,” and now the following of what he said is the wisest advice ever, Jefferson finished this by saying, “and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

He did not want the Supreme Court Justices to manipulate the law to fit their agenda, he wanted them to research the Federalist Papers and understand the intentions behind the Constitution.  In the same manner our press should repeat what a person is actually saying rather than manipulate it to fit their agenda or make the person out to be a fool.

Ethics and honesty used to be the most important traits of a journalist, today it is not even in the top ten.  So when a journalist says President Trump is a racist and his views on immigration are proof of it, remember, he was elected because he wanted to repeal Obamacare, reduce taxes but mainly he was elected BECAUSE of his views on repairing immigration having the wall built as well as his taking on the media.  So you journalists on both sides of the fence do yourselves a vast disservice, because you should realize the majority of American’s love his strong stance against illegal immigration and building the wall and even more they live for his attacks against the media.



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