Russian Collusion Wanted Trump? “Come On Man”

I know the Sixth Amendment refers to a speedy trial after you have been arrested; however how long is one suppose to have an accusation held over your head using still investigating as an excuse.  Let’s be real, if all these Anti-Trumpers have not been able to find anything in over a year, I think it is safe to say they will not find anything; common sense should tell us that.

Speaking of common sense; isn’t Russia a communist/socialist nation?  They believe the government knows best and is in total control of what their citizens’ think and do, where they work, what they are allowed to say.  Well if that is the case why hasn’t anyone noticed that if Russia really wanted to interfere – wouldn’t they help the candidate that most fit with their belief system?  I mean President Trump is a capitalist, believes in smaller government, that the people know what is best for themselves, and the people are in control of where they work and what they say; while Hillary Clinton is more like a socialist/communist; believes in bigger government, wants to control the speech of those who do not agree with her, want to control people with more rules and regulations.

Why in name of ignorance would Russia collude with Trump?  They wouldn’t; they would support, assist, champion and cheer on Hillary.  And guess what, they are finally figuring that one out.  Not because of common sense, but because some actual reporters have done proper unbiased investigation.  Unfortunately many people will not hear much about Hillary’s dealing with the Russian’s because the mainstream media also has socialist/communist tendencies.  Anyone who disagrees with this media is immediately chastised, castigated, accused of some wrongdoing (sexual misconduct is the current flavor of the month), they are even censured; the point is they only believe the First Amendment exists for them, Christian’s, Conservative’s (in other words Real American’s) are intolerant, bigots and racists so their speech is hate speech and should not be allowed.

This sort of problem would not exist if our public schools would focus on teaching America’s youth how to read and do this properly.  Phonics only is the only proper way to teach our children how to read; any other way will not produce sufficient readers.  And remember, those who do not read well will not bother to find out the truth; because you need to be a proficient reader to research out the truth… research requires reading.  If one does not seek out the truth, one will be compelled by ignorance to believe what he hears; thus the amount of American’s who believe Conservative’s and Christian’s are all hateful, socialism is not so bad, the First Amendment is to protect us FROM religion and my personal favorite, the separation of church and state is actually in our Constitution.

Until we fix our public schools America’s citizens will continue to believe lies such as the Russian’s actually wanting Trump as president over Hillary.


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