Senator Upchuck Schumer Wets Himself as His Dreamers Act Comes True

Yes Senator Upchuck Schumer was so excited about the government shut down that he wet himself during his we got the government to shut down speech, showing the world that President Trump can’t lead.

You could see the joy in this man’s heart, soul and life as he read his speech, which according to my sources was actually written several months ago.  He even had the phrase “This will be called the Trump shut down.”  My gosh man have you no ethics?  Stupid question, I apologize.

I am not sure if you noticed, upchuck never really told anyone what the problem the libs had with the bill, he just continually said the Republicans and President Trump refused to compromise.  In the beginning of his months old speech he talked about how the president invited him up to the oval office today to try to work things out.  Then a couple of minutes late said that “not once” was he ever asked to take part in any meeting to give his input.  You do remember how I said the libs second language is lying?  This is proof of it; you were just asked that morning upchuck.  You lie so much you don’t even know when you’re doing it.

Then almost with tears in his eyes to show his false sincerity he said, “I even put the Border Wall on the table” he bragged.  Putting it on the table and funding it are two totally different things and unfortunately the uneducated will never bother to find out if it was a three foot screen door or the wall that President Trump campaigned for; and by the way upchuck the wall that won him the presidency.

Senator McConnell had a few more details that I noticed upchuck did not refute.  The main issue McConnell revealed was the democrats were not going to sign any deal unless DACA and illegal immigrant issues were in this funding bill.

In other words libs are putting non-American’s interests ahead of American interests, specifically our military.

And if you wonder why I insist on informing our nation that libs are anti-American; this should seal that deal.

This is why I am continually telling you that the term bipartisanship is evil; compromising with these anti-American’s will destroy this country.  What does light have in common with darkness?  We keep giving, they keep taking and soon we will have nothing.  We have a president now that is willing to take a stand FOR America and we need to support him and cheer him on.  I have repeated over and over that the libs will never compromise on illegal immigration; it is over half of their voting base.

Their other big recruiting base is what is taught in our liberal public schools; you know if we do not take back our education system, eventually the libs won’t even need the illegal’s, and for you illegal’s here today… you might want to think about that for a minute.  Cause the libs care about the libs; not you.

Anyway, for today, without illegal immigrants the libs DO NOT exist.  They might have 30 Senate Seats and around 100 seats in the House; and the Republicans who get elected would not be the likes of Jeff IMA Flake, Bob Pop The Corker, Leslie Graham Cracker, Dean what the Heller are you doing, or John McWannabe McPresident McCain.  You would have more of the Ted Cruz’s, Mario Rubio’s and the likes who would keep our government smaller, and actually want to do what is best for America not themselves.

You Congressmen & Senators need to keep repeating to these American hating libs; Donald Trump was elected because he wanted to fix our immigration system and build a substantial wall; he wanted our laws to actually mean something by enforcing them.  He was NOT elected to cow down and compromise these issues; he was NOT elected to be nice to the lamestream press; he was NOT elected to be bipartisan; he was NOT elected to be liked by libs, the lamestream press, or those who hate America because REAL American’s are sick and tired of the government thinking they know what’s best for us; were sick and tired of putting non-American’s interests ahead of Real Americans; were sick and tired of Republicans believing if they compromise the libs and lamestream media will all of a sudden talk nice about them… they won’t.  They hate us.

They want America to become a weak socialist society, and to take away our sovereignty and just be another nation in the world, a world THEY hope to control someday.


Jim Blockey RealEdAid praying that we Real American’s refuse to be bipartisan with evil.


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