Again the Libs are so Joyous over Another School Shooting they Wet Themselves

Another school shooting tragedy, and another exploitation of this tragic event by the libs.  It never ceases to amaze me how the libs can’t wait to get on camera, drooling over the opportunity to blame Conservatives for the deaths of these young children.  They don’t even attempt to show any REAL sorrow for what has just taken place; in fact they seem unnervingly enthusiastic, eager, thrilled, even energized over this tragedy.

The do not even give pause for reflection and delay their babble, at least until the next of kin are notified before they initiate their blather of reprimanding and condemning those of us who believe in God, guns and the American flag.

The first thing out of their vocal orifice is “We MUST stop this; this must never happen again.”

The simple fact is; this will never stop. We live in an evil world where evil resides, and as long as evil exists evil occurrences will continue to take place.  Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will only worsen these tragedies.

There are steps we can take to possible minimize the number of these occurrences, and at the least, reduce the destruction when they do occur.

First off our citizens must be reeducated on guns.  We must NOT be afraid of them, but we MUST respect them.  Guns are for protection from those who would do harm to us and our families and those who tell you different are liars and not really American’s.  Anti-American’s, of course we all know them as liberals, demean anyone using the expression “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  So remember this is what libs do when they cannot overcome a truthful expression, they attempt to degrade the person using it.

Something else we must improve on, is those individuals who verbalize or write regarding committing this type of violence be apprehended and detained, it can no longer be considered satire or an off the wall comment, it MUST always be taken seriously.

And by the way in this Florida school shooting, the shooter did exactly that, wrote how he was going to be a “professional school shooter.”  This is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, probable cause for a search warrant to examine any place or property they may own or reside in.  The First Amendment does not protect someone’s right to threaten violence.

This case was especially disturbing seeing the shooter actually bragged about HOW he was going to be a professional school shooter.  Now, with the technology we have, used to track terrorist; how could the FBI have missed this?

I hate to say this; however my wife and I cannot help but wonder if maybe the same sort of liberal fraction who hated Donald Trump also hates the Second Amendment and actually allowed this to transpire in order to enhance their side of the gun control debate.  I sincerely hope I am way out of line; but my wife and I believe it must be said.

Another consideration is preparation.  When these actions do occur we must be prepared, and that preparation is not taking guns away from people, it is arming those individuals who are vulnerable and in harms way, in order for them to protect these children.  Yes, as I have said for years, arming gun savvy teachers will deter many of these wicked murderers.

The most important part of this procedure is anonymity; those carrying are unknown to all.  This at least gives the good guys a fighting chance.

Lastly, and here is where Congress can actually make a law that may actually be a deterrent.  At no time will the name, picture or video of this evil perpetrator be mentioned, printed or referred to in any media outlet, including social media.  Anyone caught doing this will be fined and/or jailed.  These malicious events ensure fame and encourage these evil losers to perform mass murders.  Once they realize they will not become famous, for many of these immoral scumbags, it will deter them.

None of these actions will ever completely stop these violent acts, as I said there is evil in this world; however they may reduce them and also decrease the amount of casualties when they do occur.  And that should be the goal of all REAL American’s.

One thing I am sure of is liberal politician’s attempting to benefit their cause by exploiting these mass murder tragedies are as evil and immoral as the perpetrator’s themselves; because they exploit these malicious tragedies and also contribute to the glorification of it.


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