Is it Even Possible for Libby’s to Tell the Truth? I Seriously Doubt It!

As I watch the news and listen to the libs foolishly blather about the Russian investigation, the economy, jobs, just about anything and the one common denominator in their blather is their almost superhero like ability to lie or manipulate the truth; which is just another technique of lying.

The last straw is their constant lying on this immigration, DACA problem.  I laid out a solution; however I like President Trump’s better.  Even though it allows 1.8 million illegal’s a pathway to citizenship, it ends chain migration, the visa lottery program and funds America’s southern border wall.  Do the libs even consider this proposal?  No, they continue to lie about it and refuse to acknowledge that ending chain migration, the visa lottery program and BUILDING THE WALL were the cornerstones of what got Donald Trump to now be called PRESIDENT TRUMP.

News broadcast after news broadcast have the libby’s nattering on about President Trump’s inhuman, uncaring and how insensitive he is towards the DACA individuals.  Come on; let’s look at the facts here, there is a word only known to libs because it is their enemy; but the president just offered 1.8 million (twice as much as Oblama)

a pathway to citizenship; it may take some time to do it; however if it takes some time and effort they will most likely appreciate it more and maybe they will have a better chance of assimilating.  At the least they won’t burn the flag as so many others have done.

This proves that President Trump really wants to do something and has compassion for these individuals and is willing to compromise.  In fact many of the president’s supporters are not super thrilled with his plan; however they see the importance of fixing the immigration policy.

GOPAC chairman, David Avella had what I believed to be the best analogy I have heard when referring to illegal immigration verses LEGAL immigration.  He said, “It would be like standing in line for two hours to go on a ride at Disneyland and as soon as you get to the front of the line you are told you have to wait to let all of these others go ahead of you.”

That was awesome, and do you know what the idiot lib’s response was?  But these DACA people didn’t do anything wrong!  WA WA WA.  Mr Avella’s response to that (if he were given the opportunity) could have been, “Well if parents snuck their children into

Disneyland illegally I can guarantee you their security would not have ushered those children to the front of the line despite the fact it was not them who did anything wrong.  Those parents would have gone to jail and the children to child services.  There are and should be consequences for illegal actions in our world; why is America’s immigration system an exception to that rule.  And one last note; what surrounds Disneyland?

A BIG HUGE WALL!  Why?  Because BIG HUGE WALLS are not insignificant or insufficient as the libs tout.”

But despite President Trump’s, now proven ability to compromise,

a-a-a-all the lyin’ libs continue to do is espouse how racist he still is.  Which is what lyin’ libs do when they can’t win a discussion or negotiation – they attack the person in their discussion or negotiation.

Also, watch them when they are foolishly allowed to have a discussion on a news show; when they are assaulted with trivial things like facts they not only attack the messenger, they refuse to let them talk.

They continue on and on with their lying blather, interrupt their opponent, change the focus of the

discussion, refuse to answer the question asked of them and simply keep talking even at the request of the host or hostess knowing no one else will have time to articulate the facts and the truth.  Two words, for libs, that are like water to the “Wizard of Oz’s” wicked witch; it obliterates, demolishes, crushes and wipes them out of every discussion they have.

They have no REAL answers for them, no honest retort, only interruptions and continual blather.  For without lies, deception, manipulations and deceit they only have a microscopic voice; without lies, deception, manipulations and deceit they cannot even get in the stadium for debate;

because as I have warned us all about over and over, without illegal’s they have no voting base.

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