Russia’s Biggest Collaborators? – That would be the Libs

We know the Russian’s goal was to make the American voters have less faith our voting system; however, they had no idea how the idiot libs would be their most significant Ally in succeeding… Or did they?

Let’s take a gander at the facts:

  • Libs hate the real America; what a coincidence, so do the Russians.
  • Libs want government control, WOW; the government controls everything in Russia.
  • Libs don’t want armed American citizens, they say that is not their goal; however we know the libs second language don’t we? Yep, lying.  HEY, Russian citizens are not armed.
  • Libs natter about freedom of speech; although we again know their second language; the truth is they only believe in free speech if you agree with them. OH MY GOODNESS, Russians only let you speak freely if you agree with them.

Libs have done everything in their power since Donald Trump became President Trump to dismiss, reject, set aside, disallow, and renounce this election.  They called it a sham, a façade and accused the president of colluding with the Russians.

Everything the libs have done since the election tells the American voter exactly what the Russians want, it encourages, persuades even convinces the American voters to have less faith in our election system.  So it seems there is little difference between the Russian’s and the libs.

So looking at the facts maybe the Russian’s always knew the libs would be their biggest Ally.

Even after Rosenberg’s press conference enlightening America with 13 indictments of Russian citizens and the fact NO American’s colluded with Russia, the libs continue to blather on about how this does not clear President Trump.  I guess these idiot libs apparently don’t believe President Trump is an American.  Over a year of investigations and no evidence as well as the CIA, and FBI saying NO AMERICAN’s colluded is not enough for those hate filled losers.

And not only do the libs continue their natter about how Trump may still have colluded with the Russian’s, but they also have said further evidence of this is Rosenberg’s indicted of 13 spies and the president has not put enough HARSH sanctions on Russia.

Really that is more evidence!  Well here is a prediction for you; if he does put harsher sanctions on Russia here is exactly what the libs would be crying about, they would whine; “What is he trying to do?  Start World War III; he is crazy, out of his mind, we MUST start the impeachment process.”

Yes that is exactly what these American hating libs do, and we must realize that NOTHING and I mean NOTHING President Trump EVER does will ever be right.  So what we real Americans must do is stop trying to please them.

The libs, the lamestream media, Nancy “My face alone could pay off the National Debt” Pelosi, Upchuck Schumer or even “My brain is the size of an Atom” Schiff, will NEVER treat him right, will never see anything he does as correct; because President Trump is an American, something these libs cannot stand.

These libs never could accept the election; they continue to do everything in their power to ensure President Trump cannot succeed.  The only thing they really focus on is his impeachment.   They are a disgrace to America; and honestly they really don’t care if they’re a disgrace  because they hate America.

Real American’s I say this to you; do NOT be tricked; liberals are nothing more than those individuals Stalin was talking about when he said, “America will never be defeated from without, they will have to be defeated from within.”

The liberals are those from within whose desire it is to weaken America; to take our freedoms, take our protection and destroy our Constitution.  They are doing this through our education system by producing inefficient readers, teaching our children to be selfish, by focusing on selfish pleasures, rather than being selfless, lying about the foundation of America and most importantly about our Founding Fathers.

America is the greatness nation ever; it was made that way because of our freedoms, teaching our children the proper way to read in order for them to be able to think for themselves, our expectations to be able to protect ourselves, not have someone do it for us, and mainly because of our belief in the Almighty God the Father.

I implore all of you to not allow this take place… We are the REAL American’s and nothing can defeat us unless WE allow it.


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