Those in favor of Illegal Immigration are the Biggest Racist in American History

Ask those who fall all over themselves in reference to those Mexican’s who come across the border illegally and they will tell it is because they are compassionate, sympathetic, considerate and truly care about these people, because their lives are so terrible, they have no money they are poor and WE CARE.  When I hear this, after I upchuck, I love to enlighten these liberal idiots of what liars they really are; because their passion has nothing to do with their desires to have open borders.

I mean if they truly cared about people because they are poor, wouldn’t they be over in India, or the ruthless places in Africa, or the plethora of other places that are MUCH worse than those living in Mexico.  Their anxiety is nothing more than smoke and mirrors; they simply want the simplest and easiest way to allow people into America who are the easiest to control and who will vote for them.

Now to the point of this VLOG, these libs point out to us that we need these people because they do the jobs American’s simply will not do.  President Bush the second who by the way never criticized President Oblama while he was in office because, he said former presidents can only do harm to America, which incidentally has proven him to be quite the hypocrite, because he has often criticized THIS president.  I guess its okay if it’s a president you disagree with.  Kind of tells you something about what political motivations might be lingering in the Bushes.

Now Mr. Bush was delivering some disparaging remarks about President Trump, specifically endorsing this belief that illegal’s perform a service American’s are not willing to do.

I have heard this spouted off by many others including Minority Speaker of the House, Nancy “My Face Alone Could Pay Off The National Debt” Pelosi and UpChuck Schumer.  Even Ben Carson said it while running for the office, and although I voted for him in the primary, I stopped supporting him after that.

Three things I will focus on about this.

One:  I have never heard a more racist statement in all my life.  American’s will not lower themselves to do one of these menial, unskilled, tedious jobs so let’s go get a Mexican to do it.  How is not voting for Oblama and voting for Trump racist and getting a Mexican to do a, “supposed humiliating” job IS not.  I really believe a lot of people do not have a clue about what racism actually is.  We call those people … idiot liberals.

Two:  And the answer to this ONE question is one of the main reasons America has such a high dept.  Ladies and Gentleman…How is ANY job beneath any American?  Is it really more honorable to be on welfare, collect food stamps, a housing allowance, and collect great health benefits, than work one of these supposed beneath us jobs?  Let me tell you, it is not; however this is what we teach in this country, in our education system and in our homes… and it must stop.

How many times have we heard “If you don’t get a good education you’ll be digging ditches, or picking produce, or doing house cleaning?  This is told to our children by parents, teachers and many of our leaders.  Is it any wonder our youth grow up to rather collect hand-outs over working?

Chapter Six in my book “Public Schools – The Worst Case of Child Abuse in American History” explains in length the expense these statements have caused.   The most important part of this chapter is how American’s need to realize that everyone has a talent and that talent will not always be growing up to be a Doctor, an Architect, an Astronaut, an Attorney or Sports Hero and that is okay, especially the attorney.  Not everyone is capable of attaining a PhD, or Masters Degree or even a High School Diploma and that is equally okay.

What is important is for our children to find their aspiration and run with it, whether it be an astronaut or digging ditches does not matter. All and I mean ALL of these jobs are great jobs that are rewarding and beyond meaningful and most importantly, they put food on the table and roof over your family’s head.

Third and lastly:  Rather than allow these racist libs to open the borders to use and abuse these Mexican’s to do our dirty work; let’s have those American’s who are so honored to sit on their lazy asses and take OUR taxpayer money, do this work.

You want welfare?  Okay, this is how you will get it from now on.  And no, I am not talking about those who are truly and permanently handicapped; those individuals are not the anchor weighing down America by rising up our debt.  It is the individuals that would rather lay their lazy ass at home than rise up and make America great again.

It IS our education system people .

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