What a Difference Conservatives have Regarding America verses the Beliefs of the Libs

I listened to Vice President Mike Pence’s speech to CPAC and was mesmerized by his knowledge of what is truly taking place in America today.  Yes, the resurgence; we are seeing America becoming great again as our founders always intended.

You could not help but be captivated by his love for this nation his hope for the future and his desire to see it continue in this new direction, which really isn’t new, but it is a direction transformed and altered in such a brilliant way and in direct contrast from the past 8 years.

It was nearly impossible not to see the disparity in HIS outlook and beliefs in our country verses the liberals’ viewpoint and convictions.

The Vice President spoke in regards to America’s strength, prosperity achievement, individuals looking out for each other, truth, confidence and faith in God; while the libs speak from the realms of feebleness, poverty, destitution, dependency on government, lies, skepticism and an animosity towards the Ruler of the Universe.

When the Vice President said “We can’t give anything less than everything” I practically stood up from my couch and cheered.  That statement is so profound; Christians and Conservatives must give everything in order for America to become great again.  After all, our Founding Fathers gave everything to create this great nation.  They gave their lives (literally), their riches (literally) and their families (literally) to conceive this great nation.

He also stated how “We live in a time of too much division and anger… We are becoming more and more disconnected from each other… We’ve lost site of who we are as a people… and there is more that unites us than will ever divide the good and great people of this great country.”

Now I must admit I do not agree with all of that.  Yes we do live in a time of too much division and disconnection with each other; however, we are not angry enough, and as far as division we should be – NEED to be – MUST be divided with these people; they do not believe in the same things we do, THEY are the enemy, THEY truly hate us and hate America as it was intended; to them we are intolerant, racists and bigots. They not only want our guns, they want our freedoms, they want control… control of us.

  • How do unite with a people who can on one hand raise a sign to protect children with gun control, and then with the other hand raise a sign refusing to protect children with a woman’s right to choose. How do you unite with that?
  • How do you unite with a people who believe American citizens are insignificant compared to illegal immigrants?
  • How do you unite with a people that believe sex education is more important than teaching our youth the proper method of reading?
  • How do you unite with a people that believe teaching tolerance – Anti God – is more important than teaching the true history of America?
  • How do you unite with a people who believe our founders were evil and want our children to believe this by teaching it in our schools?
  • How do you unite with a people who call you racists and bigots simply because you love God and country? You can’t!

And it is not WE have not lost site of who we are as a people.  We know exactly who we are… We ARE Americans.  On the other hand, They, the libs, have definitely lost site of who we are as a people, what America is all about as a nation.  I am not sure right now if there IS more that unites us verses what divides us.

This is no longer, merely about higher taxes, how to create jobs and improve the economy.  It’s about the spirit and soul of America; it’s about the core foundations of this nation; it’s about the nucleus and nature of America; and most of all it’s about the future and the right and wrong of America, and yes there is a right and wrong and we are right.

And this is why I have been warning us all about bipartisanship being an evil word.  You cannot be bipartisan with wrong.

Vice President Pence also told us to reconnect… reconnect in the debates; reconnect with each other; reconnect in our community’s; reconnect with something deeper – meaning God; and I 100% agree.

However, how does light connect with darkness?  How does right connect with wrong?  They cannot; although darkness can have the light turned on and wrong can become right; however until that happens, there can be no connection.

What I am saying is the libs, those who disapprove of the America our founders began almost 250 years ago, must be the ones who adjust, transform, and convert.

They must be the individuals that reconnect.  Reconnect with the true intentions of what America is all about; reconnect with the Constitution rather than weaken it; reconnect with the realization that America is a nation of laws, and those laws need to be enforced, and the enforcement of those laws is not racism, bigotry or hatred of a people, it is quite the opposite it is love – love of your country.

Personally there have been few times in my life I have been moved to this extent as with the Vice President’s speech.  It gave me hope, it gave me courage, it gave me an optimism and enthusiasm I have needed, it gave me passion again and it gave me the energy we all are going to need to stand up to evil, the evil that would steal our homeland and turn it into a feeble, pathetic, ineffective, socialist and godless nation.

We can no longer worry about bipartisanship with these people and we can no longer compromise with them… because NOW, when WE compromise, THEY win and we should never allow evil to win.


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