America’s Biggest Threat – Not Who You Might Think It Is

Does anyone know what America’s BIGGEST threat REALLY is? I do not believe so. Many say China, or Russia. Several others say it is Iran or North Korea. I say, it is not any of those.
Can Russia take over our schools and brainwash America’s children?
Can China keep our borders open?
Can Iran take our Christian heritage away?
Can North Korea change our Constitution?
Can any of them intentionally misinterpret the 1st Amendment so we would protect the speech of our enemies?
Can any of them attempt to change the 2nd Amendment and convince American’s it was just so we could hunt?

The answer to those questions is essentially NO; however anyone or all of these counties could permeate us under false pretenses possibly
• take over one of the political parties and begin to brainwash our children;
• alter our immigration system utilizing lies and manipulation;
• modify and revise America’s Christian heritage through historical revisionism;
• attempt to change our Constitution through a Constitutional Convention;
• protect the speech of our enemies;
• and convince American’s the 2nd Amendment was NOT about protection.
These are all actions the democrats are taking against America. This is why I have been telling you liberal democrats are Anti-American’s who should not be compromised with under the guise of bipartisanship; they should not be included simply because we have been deceived into believing inclusion is so important.

Am I really saying the democrats are America’s BIGGEST threat? Yes I am. Joseph Stalin and many others always predicted that America would never be beaten from anything outwardly it would have to be from within.

America continues to be the richest most powerful nation on earth; however the democrats are slowly altering that. Take a look at President Oblama’s presidency; did he do ANYTHING to help America to become stronger? No, in fact he did just the opposite;

• he went around to other countries to apologize to them for our arrogance.
• he socialized medicine;
• he weakened our military;
• he insulted many of our citizens;
• he made the hard working feel guilty for their hard work;
• he even insinuated white police officers and most white people by referring to them as racists.

Think about that for a moment;

• Weren’t we the nation that won wars and then help those nations we just defeated rebuild. That sounds pretty humble and modest to me, definitely not arrogant; however the fact that this President went around apologizing for us, really did nothing but weaken and humiliate America.
• Socializing medicine is well known as the first step to a socialist nation; which goes directly against America’s foundation.
• Insulting our citizens with phrases like “And it’s not surprising then they (American’s) get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”
An extremely racist statement if I ever heard one.
• He increased the amount of people who are on food stamps, and funds it by raising taxes on the hard working American citizens.
This is truly appalling.
• And of course anytime a white police officer had to use his weapon against a black person to defend themselves – how he chastised that officer before even knowing the facts. The white police officer was automatically a racist according to this president.

And the libs love and worship this president like few others.

Libs have taken over our schools and are NOT focused on academic but on social behavior. And those behaviors are liberal behaviors taking their minds off of helping their neighbors and focusing on their own pleasures.

Around 20% of American adults have dyslexia and 40% of adults are illiterate. Math scores are at an all time low, so you can see how academics has simply become an afterthought in education.

Few of our adult citizens, educated or not, know little or nothing about the true history of this country; it has been taken over by historical revisionists who tell our children the Founding Fathers were nothing more than drunkards, bigots and racist slave owners.

The truth of how most of them freed their slaves when we separated from the Brits or how we wrote legislation on 6 different occasions to repeal slavery and was defeated by the liberals, never surfaces.

The 1st Amendment was not intended to protect the speech of our enemies the truth behind it was to ensure the government could not make a law forcing Americans to conform to a specific Christian sect or denomination. It definitely was not intended to protect America FROM Christianity.

And the 2nd Amendment was to ensure American’s would always be able to possess the same weaponry as our enemies, foreign or domestic.

So you can see America’s biggest threat is not Russia or China; it’s not Iran or North Korea; our biggest threat comes from within, just as Stalin and so many others have predicted;

• the liberals do not want us to compromise to make America stronger;
• the liberals do not want to control our education system for their love of children.
• the liberals do not want us to have open borders because of the great concern for other people;

The liberals want compromise to weaken America.

The liberals want control of education to control America’s children.
The liberals want open borders to diminish American citizens.

And the liberals want all of these things not to make America better; on the contrary, they want all the things to obliterate, annihilate, and tear down every good thing America has ever stood for.


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