Today’s version of the British are Coming – The Liberals are Coming

Jim Blockey Real Ed Aid
I am so fed up with these liberals and their hatred of this country and their repulsive misinterpretations of the Constitution.
The 1st Amendment does not give you the right to shut a speaker down by continuous shouting so the cannot speak, just because you do not like what the Real American is saying.
This 1st Amendment does not give you the right to shut down a freeway in protest. What is someone were on the way to the hospital for an emergency and could not get there. Of course you did not think of that; because you are thoughtless.
The 1st Amendment does not give you the right to harass a family having dinner out; our remove someone from a restaurant. And it definitely is a disgrace for some racist Congressman to incite these acts.
These liberals REALLY hate the 2nd Amendment; because as long as that is intact; they know they will not gain control.
And that is really the issue here; the want control; they believe they know better and think they can take care of us. Well that is not what America is all about.
How about the separation of powers? You put forth judges who are activists for your filthy agenda; on the other hand we put forth judges who believe in the Constitution our Founding Fathers wrote.
These judges actually read the action in front of them and rule on it based on the intentions of our founders; the do not squeeze out a ruling based on their own desires. This was the Supreme Court was a real fear of Thomas Jefferson, that they would make law not interpret it.
This has happened because they have used our education system to train them to believe the government knows best.
You non Americans who use the plight of children, handicapped children to further your causes are despicable. You say how us real Americans are unfeeling in regards to the borders; yet when we, real Americans, go to the source of the problem to help the children while they are in their own countries, you say we have no business spending tax payer money to help the children in Nicaragua, Africa, India or other nations where families and children are starving; because if we help them over in their own country it serves no political purpose no political gain for you. Your need to weaken America; they serve no political capital for you or your vile, repulsive, abhorrent goals to bring America down.
Real Americans like our American soldiers, Firefighters, Policeman and those Granite Mountain Hotshots who gave their lives to protect children, families and America are repulsive to you, because they are the antithesis of you. They were selfless, altruistic, noble, and gallant while you are selfish, egotistic, self centered, self seeking, and the tragedy is too many of our children look up to you, because they have been manipulated to believe that is the only way to succeed in their lives.
America was an honorable, caring, sovereign nation that put its citizens ahead of its leaders; much like God the Father who put His people’s needs at the front by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for all. Non American’s have not only rejected God and His ways, but they have prohibited any talk of His love and kindness. In the same manner they have rejected the real America by dishonoring the truth of America with lies and manipulation in regards to those who truly are real Americans, having only the perception of caring only to further the cause and eliminating our sovereignty with open borders, simply to stack the votes for them.
These non Americans, we know them as liberals have no ethics, while finding fault with all those who do not believe as they do. They talk about freedom while with every breath restrain the real American’s. They speak about the importance of educating our youth to be free-thinkers while in the classroom train them to conform and comply. Our liberal non American leaders maneuver our children into submission.
What I am telling you is what I have been saying for years; these liberal democrats are not our colleagues, they are our enemy. Their desire is to dismantle the Constitution and turn America into a non-sovereign socialist nation. They are doing through our immigration system and our education system… nothing is more important than seizing command of these two systems. For if we do not America, at some point in the future, will not America.
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