Are We Giving Women a Bit Too Much Power

I’m an old fashion guy; I open doors for my wife and all women, I carry everything for her, except her purse. I believe what the Bible says to treat her like Jesus treated the Church, and Christ died for the Church. I also believe any abuse towards any woman is repulsive and appalling.
However, I have a problem with women having the ability to bring any man down simply by making an accusation. I know this is not very politically correct; but that has never been my goal. Being Biblically correct is.
Christine Blasey Ford, a democrat activist, accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault when the two were in high school, thirty-six years ago. When did this take place? Not sure! Where did this take place? Don’t know! Were there any witnesses? Four, I mean one! Oh and he said that never happened.
When I was ten years old my mom thought I did something that I did not do; which was unusual, usually I had done something. I remember sticking up for myself and getting paddled until I finally admitted doing it. I remember exactly where I got paddled, what I was accused of and who did it. Why? Because, it was a very traumatic event. Where were you when JFK got shot? Where were you on 9/11?
Ms. Ford also has spouted off about not wanting to be in the spot light. Well if that is true why wait until he is nominated for the highest spotlighted judge in the land; why not come out when he was nominated for a much smaller judgeship?
Another disturbing fact is Senator “Not So” Feinstein had this allegation six weeks ago. She did not say anything until a week before the vote because Ms. Ford supposedly did not want to go public. Yeah right; she is a democrat activist so she also wanted to time this out just right.
Anyone who has an ounce of common sense; which leaves out liberals, most democrats, the mainstream media and most of our public school attendees’ would see right through this B.S.
Again, I despise any man who takes advantage of any woman; but I equally despise any woman who would use this despicable action as a means for political gain or to bring a man down.
Hawaii’s Senator “Truly Un A” Mazing Hir Oh No said women must be believed and for men to “Shut Up and Step Up.” If that is not the most sexist comment ever, I’d like to know what is, and where is the public outrage? Imagine for a moment a man saying that about women.
Libs are truly the most hypocritical Americans’ ever to walk on our soil. Look at Minnesota’s democratic Congressman Keith Ellison who is running for Attorney General; his ex-girlfriend actually immediately filed charges against him for abuse, has evidence against him and what do we hear about that… Yep… Crickets, and I hate Crickets.
The point here is should women simply be believed and should men have to shut up and take this just to show we are stepping up. Doesn’t that give women a bit too much power? That is not equality that is the definition of inequality and discrimination.
Men should be totally accountable for their actions; no doubt. However, women should be equally accountable for not only their actions but their accusations. For if there is no accountability for false allegations, there will be no men who are safe in America.


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  • Cathy Milne

    Jim, the video is thought-provoking, and I agree the current accuser and the #MeToo movement is flat out ridiculous. But we must vet our leaders, especially those who will serve for a lifetime.

    Just like the Anita Hill’s testimony against then-nominee Justice Clarence Thomas, this woman -right or wrong- has a right to be heard. Her statement will likely go down in flames and Kavanaugh will be sworn in. Whether we like it or not the liberals are in control since they are fighting against the man’s approval.

    America is worse off now than ever before. We are persecuting people (conservatives and liberals alike and everything in between) for what they say in public.

    I remember when comedians could say whatever they wanted – and if we liked them YEA, if not we did not give them the time of day. They were not fired and ostracized for their humor no matter how off colored it was.

    Even though the crazies think they are in control, they are not. God is.

  • Jerry Littman

    One of the greatest freedoms Americans can have is our belief of innocense until proven guilty. That freedom has been challenged and we see more and more, of people being convicted in the court of public opinion, but not a court of law. Everyone, on either side, must be hrav6eky concerned when that right is being abused. I remember Harry Reid and the Democrats were warned that their abandonment of the 60 vote rule for court judges, would some day work against them. It didn’t take long did it? Likewise, failure to respect rule of law, and anyones innocence until proven guilty, will backfire on Democrats if they are not careful.
    No one should suffer loss of that right. At the same time, even when the partisan optics do not look so good, Dr. Ford has a right to be heard!
    But Judge Kavanaugh also has rights. I also understand political convenience and this entire issue is not Dr. Fords, nor Judge Kavanaughs doing. I put this squarely on Senator Feinstein. She is using the issue to control a political process, at the expense of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh!! They both whould state their recollections, and then vote. There is no crimes that can be pursued as statue of limitations has long expired. But Senators should not prejudge, listen, then vote. And do so without any demands or delays. Respect the people and respect the process. Then, pray for our country and go vote!!!!!!

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