Liberal Hopelessness

I saw Jon Voight on Mark Levin’s show, Life, Liberty and Levin and I was sincerely moved by what Mr. Voight had to say. Not simply what he had to say, but how he said it; carefully thought out, genuine and truthful.
One point in particular really got me thinking. It was when he was in Russia shooting a film and he said no one looked him in the face; everyone walked around with their heads down; in the hotel when he asked the front desk clerk for some help the clerk either ignored him or said they did not speak English.
Mr. Voight went on to explain it was because they had “no hope.” They lived in a Communist Country where they realized they would always be told what to do by the government and would not ever be able to speak out without fear of dire consequences. They had “no hope,” their children had “no hope,” there would never come a time where they would have “hope;” a terrible way to live.
Personally I see that same hopelessness in those liberals protesting today; they have “no hope.” What is so disheartening is while they are demonstrating they do not understand they are rallying in total support of that hopelessness.
These people have been told the great lie; the government knows best and will take care of you. They have been manipulated, they do not care, or are too lazy to do what is necessary to have a better life, so they waste their life fighting to ensure they remain oppressed.
It would be like the Jewish people voting for Hitler; it makes no sense.
This can only happen when leaders prevent the people from knowing the truth; think about how great a manipulator one has to be to have their citizens actually protest to keep themselves under oppression.
How many times must I say that liberals are great at two things; manipulating the truth and outright lying?
God said, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” We real American’s are God’s people, and many are being destroyed, taken control of through ignorance; not stupidity, ignorance. With 40% of American Adults illiterate and 20% having dyslexia is it any wonder America is being taken away from us.
Personal knowledge is only gained through reading. Most great leaders have one thing in common; they read to gain and retain knowledge. When you are knowledgeable, you can question your leaders; when you are knowledgeable, you find out why your country began, as well as understanding how it became so great; and when you are knowledgeable, you will understand and know the real reason the 1st Amendment was written; and if you are unsure of any of these things, you will research it and find out for yourself by READING about it.
If you do not read, you will not question your leaders; you will believe what they say, like in Russia. If you do not read, you will not understand why the 1st Amendment was written and you will blindly protest yourself in to oppression. If you do not read, you do not KNOW.
You must understand, for someone or some organization to change the course of America, the easiest way would be to infect how American’s learn to read; and that began in the 1930’s. The not only succeeded in infecting our ability to read, the liberals infected how our children think.
We used to advocate and promote selflessness, discipline and respect in America; today in our schools we encourage and endorse selfishness, anarchy, and a lack of respect never know in our nation before. All of this goes in direct contrast of the intentions of our Founding Fathers; and few realize this because of a lack of knowledge.
I implore all us; we must take BACK our education system and take our schools BACK to the basics.


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