Democrats Are Going to Preach about Morality – NOW THAT’S FUNNY

In my last VLOG I said what’s transpiring in Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Justice Hearing is truly a sad time for America; however I look at it as a time we can rejoice. Because as any person who is following this with an honest open mind and an ounce of common sense can look at this as the time liberals of this country have, in Cindy Lauper’s words… shown their true colors.
Senator Corny “I can’t read a” Booker took almost every demoncrats time rehearsing for his presidential run; repeating over and over and over… and over how immoral and evil the republicans are because they are implying that the demoncrats have motives other than pure for Ms. Fords allegations.
To take an expression from Steve Martin, “Excuse Me” Mr. I can’t read a Booker, but for you or any other demoncrat to lecture on immorality would be like Ann Frank and Stevie Wonder teaming up to give driving lessons. Morality is something you libs believe is up to each individual, which to say is stupid, gives stupid a bad name.
George Washington said Morality could only be maintained by interpreting it from the Bible; something you demoncrats have removed from every aspect of American life.
In these last three VLOG’s I have spoken of how the true colors of the libs are being revealed in these hearings. What I have not disclosed is why half of Americans’ cannot see this revelation.
What I have discovered in my Congressional endeavor, my seminar teachings, my life experiences, and most of all my 22 years of teaching is that any time you overload a corporation or an individual with an overabundance of work; that business weakens and many times folds and that individuals labor weakens.
Over the last several decades, Americas’ public schools have been adding more and more subjects; we are teaching what parents should be liable for and it is taking our schools down. Reading is not a major priority and 40% of American Adults are illiterate and 20% suffer from dyslexia; both of these are preventable if reading was a priority again.
Many high school graduates cannot make simple change without a machine to do it for them. This is preventable if knowing our addition and multiplication tables and math became a priority again.
Our youth have no respect for America as they like all of the libs have NO idea what America is all about. How is one able to respect something they have learned nothing about, other than negativity? This is also preventable if Americas’ history was a priority again. Go back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and retrieve those history books, refurbish them and let our youth understand the true greatness of one of the greatest nation ever.
In summation of these last three VLOG’s; we have been shown the true colors of the demoncratic party, and there is nothing but darkness. What does light have in common with darkness?
Senator Cruz, you are an intelligent man and I have nothing but respect for you; however light cannot work with the dark; in fact darkness cannot exist unless light departs. We are the last light of America and unless we shine that light and understand how and why it has diminished we are doomed.
We need to be a nation whose people don’t live by the creed of “The end justifies the means;” but a nation whose people live by the creed, “The means is the journey in which the end is justified.”
In order to do this we need to realize Americas’ children are being forgotten and they are growing up to be dependent on the darkness of an evil government. We must take back our schools, shine our lights upon them, and go “Back to the Basics.” Then and only then will America not only be a great nation again, but it will remain a great nation for years.


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