Liberals Really Are the Most Racist People in America

Just when I thought liberals could not do anything else to proof their stupidity, Kanye West comes into the picture and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they WANT racism; they NEED racism; the PROMOTE racism. I mean really… A black man visits the White House and this is proof that the president is a racist???
This is like when there was a rash of cold fronts with record lows around the nation and the environmentalists’ were saying that was proof of global warming. How ignorant do these libs think the American people are.
From Foxes the Five “I wanna be a human Williams” was outraged at the exploitation of Kanye; even thought it was a travesty that President Trump did not get up when Kanye gave him a hug. How small of you Mr. I wannabe a human.
CNN’s Clay “I need to be smacked with a” Cane called Kanye a willfully ignorant man-child and the slogan “Make America Great Again” is a coded version of “no coloreds allowed” signs. Maybe the problem is you, and Kanye support of the president sheds a great deal of skepticism on your “President Trump is a racist” rhetoric.
Don “Ima real sour” Lemon, also on CNN, really embarrassed himself and most regular black people who simply want to work, take care of their families, live a normal life without all these agenda driven fools making their lives more difficult.
He told the world how nobody cares about Kanye; yet sour puss Lemon was so outraged he could not keep his mouth shut. And his comment how it was a minstrel show in front of all these white people or mostly white people.
Excuse me but that is a racist statement “All these white people.”
It is uppity black people like Ima real sour Lemon, who have a great job, good income and can afford to be an idiot who are truly attempting to oppress his people. Because if a black man goes to the White House to support the president, he must be mentally ill, an Uncle Tom; there is no way he is going there to help soften the race issue.
Sour Lemon said he meant no animosity towards Kanye but he was so embarrassed by him he had to turn off the TV. He said, “Kanye needs help; his people need to get him out of there.” If that is how he talks about someone he has no animosity towards, I would hate to see him when he feels animosity – Actually we have seen it… President Trump.
In his rhetoric he thought he looked super cool with his commentary, however, today sour lemon looked like a sour lemon and a total complete idiot. He commented on how the president could be talking with Kanye with cities being in ruin from the Hurricane and 6 people had died; the Dow Jones was plummeting.
Like having an hour conversation with Kanye kept President Trump from his performing his duties.
Today Americans were enlightened with the fact that the president’s actions before the hurricane hit were miraculous and probably saved lives. The Dow Jones was escalating.
Further proving his idiot savant status, Sour Lemon said the president invited Kanye to the White House when in fact it was Kanye that call the president. My favorite was when the idiot savant compared the use of the “N” word to the “F” bomb; he equated those two as equal.
Okay I challenge you Mr. Idiot savant to take a white colleague of yours and walk down a street in Riverdale, Illinois, suburb of Chicago and have him drop the “F” bomb and then drop the “N” bomb. I will bet you dollars to doughnuts nothing happens with the “F” bomb; however, I do not believe he will survive after the “N” bomb. You may even be shot, simply because you are next to him.
Let me tell you; I am sick and tired of the likes of you fools, Jesse Jackasson, Al Notso Sharpton, Senator Corny, I can’t read a Booker, Senator Max I need to be Waters boarded and so many others. You people are the most racist people in America today and you have the audacity to make others feel small and guilty by calling them racists.
If there ever was a time Conservatives, real Americans, could see the light and understand that these people are NOT their colleagues, it is now. Please stop working with these degenerates, and step up to the plate for the true Americans of this nation. Protect us, not your jobs.


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