What’s transpiring in Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Justice Hearing is truly a sad time for America; however I really think we can look at this as a time for joy, a time we can rejoice. Any person who is following this with an honest open mind and an ounce of common sense, which again rules out liberals, most democrats and a majority of our public school enrollees, can look at this as the time the liberals of this country have, in Cindy Lauper’s words… shown their true colors.
Let us put aside the fact that Ms. Ford could not remember where this took place or when this took place; what I found extremely disturbing is that she could not remember when her polygraph took place; whether it was the day she got there or the day after; also disturbing was her inability to stand be sworn in without assistance from her attorney. He had to instruct her to stand up and then not only tell her to raise her hand but also had to show her by mimicking it himself.
However, Ms. Ford vehemently remembered it was Kavanaugh, 100% who attacked her; sounded a bit rehearsed to me. I also saw a woman who looked like the kind of woman who could easily be manipulated; she did not appear to be a very strong woman. I felt bad for her, although I did not find her credible; in fact what I got out of this hearing was that she was attacked by someone years ago and some libs convinced her it “Had to be Judge Kavanaugh.”
Now, if this does not prove what I have been saying for years, that the libs second language is lying, nothing will. Manipulation and lying is what they do; they tell everyone how much they care about women and tear down republicans, President Trump and Kavanaugh, when truth be told their goal is simply to postpone until after the elections.
Proof of this and also proof that God the Father of Jesus Christ still loves this country and wants it to survive is Keith Ellison, who is a leader in the demoncratic party whose girl friend accused him of abuse and the demons, yes those demons who were saying “Women must be believed,” do not believe his girl friend despite actual evidence and pictures backing up the “Women’s” story.
I believe God allowed these events to happen in concert to confirm to Americans’ beyond any doubt how liberals will say anything to get their way, while doing the opposite of what they say.
If these non-American deceivers of the weak truly cared about women, they would be consistent; if they truly cared about Americans’ in general, they would not manipulate the words of real Americans’, they would not manipulate the words of those who do not agree with them, and they would never manipulate the Constitution to squeeze out the meaning that would help them slither to victory.
I also believe this should convince the real Americans’ of this country that these libs are NOT are colleagues that we can work with… but I will talk about that in my next VLOG.
To finish I would like you to contemplate this: To the libs, the end justifies any means, which is evil in and of itself; to the righteous the means is the journey in which the end is justified.


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  • Jerry Littman

    Great video and great close! You wrapped it, put a bow on it and served up a fair and reasonable map of who they are and what their objectives are!

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