The Real Reason Libs are so Angry Over the Elections

Why was it so hard for the non-real American liberals to accept the elections?
My belief is simple: I always believed that Barrack Oh I bombed, Dah was an experiment to see how far left the country was. Honestly, I don’t really believe they expected him to win, but when he did, the non-real American libs thought the country was at last theirs.
As in any survey, statistics, or experiment you have to take in account ALL variables. The libs, not being the brightest or sharpest knife in the drawer, forgot to look at the one specific variable that totally skewed the results of their experiment.
Barrack Oh I Bombed, Dah was not elected because of his intelligence, his outstanding policies and definitely not because of his liberal, socialist, anti-real American values; he was elected because he was black. That is not a racist statement; that is a fact.
95% of the black voters voted for Oh I Bombed, Dah. The Anti-real American liberals convinced a great deal of the population that if “You do not vote for Oh I Bombed, Dah, you were a racist. Now that IS racist.
Racist or not it did work, and we had 8 years of one of the worst presidents in history; second only to Jimmy Carter.
So liberals not having insight, intelligence or an ounce of common sense thought Distillery Where’s my husband Clinton was a shoe in. But alas, there were and still are enough real Americans’ out there who do not want to see America turned into a socialist nation.
So now, unable to accept the election the libies are acting like a bunch of babies and throwing their temper tantrums. And actually endangering the citizens they want to control, using the 1st Amendment as their shield for their non 1st Amendment actions.
Yeah, the 1st Amendment does not allow you to harass people in the streets, restaurants or stores; it does not allow you to shut down freeways to protest. This is just another lie from the libs.
It is funny how these libs use the 1st Amendment to achieve their ultimate goal of removing it. Socialism has no 1st Amendment or 2nd Amendment for that matter; and why is it that these America hating fools only believe that the 1st Amendment is for them?
Any real American who speaks is harassed, violently told to shut up, or called a bigot, racist or white supremacist. That is not freedom that is suppression of speech.
This is exactly what John Adams warned us about and meant when he addressed the military on October 11, 1798 and said, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Greed, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
This is why it was so vital for the Anti American libs to get the Bible, prayer and Christianity out of the government; and as if that were not enough they were actually able to turn them into something evil, something to keep away form.
They realized that then and only then they could apply their greed and ambition and break the cords of the Constitution by using it against itself; which is what we have now, just as John Adams warned.
As I said, the libs now are using the Constitution, specifically the 1st Amendment, against itself, to eventually destroy it.
Their Oh I bombed, Dah experiment may have been a success; however, their inability to understand why, has caused them to an anger beyond all reasoning; and in turn has caused them to show their true colors.
So… Real Americans’ I implore you again to see what the libs true aspirations are; and that is to destroy the Constitution, take away our freedoms and our sovereignty and turn us into just another socialist nation.
We must heed our founders warnings.


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