White Men – Not a Bad Thing

I am tired of this B. S. that it is okay to be racist or sexist as long as it is towards white men. I am tired of the disdain people have when using the term white men.
Yes, I am a white man and unlike Senator Elizabeat my drum Warren who may be 1/32nd Indian, and that’s not for sure, claimed Indian status to help her get into law school, I am not ashamed of being white. I am also not ashamed to be a man; and unfortunately these seem to be two characteristics that make me a piece of horse dung.
In today’s America being white and being a man are the two most abhorred traits one can possess. Ask Hawaii’s Senator “Notso A Mazieng Her oh hell no,” she said that men need to shut up. Yeah, that’s not sexist. Liberal news organizations refer to most Conservative white men as “Old White Men.”
Singer John Mayer, a white man, said men need a new contract. What the hell does that EVEN mean?
I have even been criticized while teaching a seminar as sounding like a “Typical Middle Aged White Man.” Although I took it as a compliment as I have not been middle aged for quite some time, I understood, it was not meant as a compliment. And actually it was a bigoted, sexist remark.
The definition of “Racism” is treating or judging a person on the color of their skin; the definition of “Sexism” is treating or judging a person on what sex they are.
There are few days that go by where I do not hear “White Men” used in a vile, horrid, unflattering manner. This is the way we are being portrayed in every aspect of today’s society, it is actually considered politically correct to show racism, sexism and bigotry, as long as it is towards “White Men.”
I believe everyone understands slavery and racism in the founding of America was wrong; our founders understood it.
Thomas Jefferson wrote legislation on six different occasions to abolish slavery, only to be defeated by the liberal democrats. George Washington’s will stated that his slaves would be freed and would be given enough money from his estate for them to be fully educated. John Adams never owned slaves.
With that said, how was it not okay 250 years ago, but it is okay now. Some vendetta? It has fallen upon us to consistently defend ourselves from accusations of being racists despite a vast majority of us being unprejudiced.
None of us have ever taken or known personally any individual that has taken any black man or woman as slaves.
No person of those accusing us of racism has ever been a slave or has ever personally known any individual who was a slave.
We fight over an offense we did not give against those who were not alive to be offended.
What I see is a nation of non-real American liberal hypocrites who speak about the atrocities of racism, sexism and bigotry, while being the most racist, sexist bigots in America today. What is their goal?
Power; power to take America down. Also, they love the applause, praise, gratitude and admiration from a group of people who are among the vilest, most disgusting, amoral people in society today, who have nothing better to do than to criticize, harass and stalk real Americans’.
If you want to stop bigotry; stop being a bigot. If you want to stop sexism; stop being a sexist. If you want to stop racism; stop being a racist.
Problem here is they could not care less about racism, sexism or bigotry; it is their evil way to take our focus off of their real goal of taking America down.
Real Americans’, I say it is time to Wake up, or Senator Notso Amazing Her Oh Hell No will get her way; and us white guys – WILL HAVE TO Shut up.


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