MoleSmut lies

I know it’s been a while however Christmas is a big thing with the Blockey family and then illness got in the way for a bit.
No matter I am back and fed up with these anti-American liberal demoncrats more than ever.
I know we have all heard of the “actor” Jussie MoleSmut lie about being attacked by the Trump supporters and how the brain free press jumped on the bandwagon chastising the president and blaming him for his violent, evil rhetoric. I won’t even begin to talk about the violence they spew out of their lying orifices.
And I sincerely would like to ask if anyone is truly surprised at this. I mean how many time have I said that lying is their second language.
What are their lies you ask? I do not have enough time to list them all, so how about this.
Our Founding Fathers were racist bigots. That’s a lie.
George Washington… Thomas Jefferson… John Adams
Separation of Church and State….
Taking Prayer out of school…
If you voted against Obama or for Trump you were a racist bigot…
“I did not have sex with that woman.”
Demoncrats are for the little person…
Yet they fought against the civil rights movement and against giving the women the right to vote. And remember THEY were the bad guys in the civil war. They even lie about that and say that all those racist moved to the Republican Party.
I again cannot reiterate it enough… Us real Americans better get our act together before these liberal non-Americans lie their way into taking away our nation.
I saw National Security Analysis Morgan Ortagus on Outnumbered and I am not sure, but I believe she is a Conservative; and this is exactly how we Real Americans need to stop acting. She said for the brain free press to atone for their jumping the gun concerning the Jussie MoleSmut incident they should
“Channel some positive energy to decriminalizing homosexuality in 71 countries (I guess because MoleSmut is gay), that is what you should do to make up for the grave errors and judgment you had over the last week.
This is the problem; when you actually believe the brain free press or any of the liberal anti-American politicians considered this an error you give them credibility. Getting rid of Trump and people who like him or are like him is the goal – and the end justifies the means to these people.
And when the END justifies the MEANS – that means anything goes; lying, cheating, stealing, murder are all within the realms of acceptable and tolerable for these anti-Americans.
You saw with your own eyes and heard with your own ears that even when these brain free idiots realized they were wrong they did not apologize, did not even express the possibility that they were wrong; only said it was said that MoleSmut lied.
We need to realize these people are not our colleagues; they are not our misguided friends, they are the enemy just as much as the British were to our Founding Fathers.
And until we start treating them that way; the first step taking back our education system and taking IT back to the basics, America is destined to socialism and thus it will no longer be America.
Please subscribe to RealEdAid, tell your friends; the only way to defeat the enemy to shine a light on them. Have you ever noticed when you shine a light on the cockroaches’ they scatter…
Help me do that. We are the light of the world, and when we shine a light on these evil, non-Americans they WILL scatter.
Jim Blockey


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