Demoncrats are destroying America

If the Demoncrats were real American’s they would be ashamed of themselves. Let’s be totally honest, the demoncrats have never accused President Trump of Collusion, or obstruction, and now covering up.
The demoncrats like Nancy “My face alone could pay off the national debt” Pelosi; Upchuck “Loser” Schumer; “My brain is the size of an Atom” Shift; Alex “I’m accosting the Constitution” Cortez; and all the others.
These demoncrats have never accused him they have convicted him. The convicted him for over 2 years while the investigation was going on; they convicted him after he was found innocent; and they continue to convict him now with “My face” now convicting him of a cover up and doing this minutes before an infrastructure meeting with the president.
You demoncrats have forgotten that you are law makers and as law makers, you, more than any, must obey the laws. In America you are innocent until proven guilty… PERIOD. And if you are found not guilty, that is it.
And you self-righteous demoncrats are destroying this nation with your hatred, abhorrence and animosity for this president. You speak like you want to work with this president, yet EVERY STEP of the way speak of this president they way you speak of cockroaches in your kitchen.
Just like “My face” publically convicting President Trump of a cover minutes before their meeting. And then acting shocked, repulsed, and dismayed he got pissed and cancelled the meeting.
Upchuck “loser” said, “To watch what happened in the White House would make your jaw drop… It’s clear this was not a spontaneous event, it was planned.”
Again, a demoncrat telling us how someone else thinks; usually they just tell us how we SHOULD think. To believe American’s would actually listen to you and give it an ounce of credence SHOULD make everyone’s jaw drop.
“My face” said “We had hoped to give this president the opportunity to have signature infrastructure initiative to create jobs, improve the quality of life…
For some reason, maybe it was lack of confidence on his part, he really couldn’t match the greatness of the challenge that we have, wasn’t really respectful of the congress and the White House working together; he just took a pass.
And it just makes me wonder why he did that. In any event I pray for the President of the United States and I pray for the United States of America.
First of all, WHAT god are you praying to? It sure as hell cannot be the one with a capital G; because you through him out of your party and everything the demoncrats stand for goes directly against the Word of God… with a capital G. I cannot and will not judge your salvation, but I am directed by God’s Word to judge your actions.
Second, I am sorry “My face” but this president has already succeeded in creating jobs and improved our quality of life in spite of you demoncrats; he did not need your feeble “opportunity.”
Third, confidence has never been President Trump’s drawback, and sure does not need your help with that; and your disingenuous challenge is undeniable truth of how hypocritical and deceitful your party truly is.
Lastly, to solve your puzzle of why he did this; a six year old could figure that out. Why would anyone want to work with demon’s who hate them the way the demoncrats hate the president. It is astounding that he continues to try. It truly says something inspiring about this president.
True Americans’ I appeal to your common sense and love for this nation to do everything in your power to ensure these demoncrats have no power; for if they take over it will be as if we lost the Revolutionary War. We will have gone back to having tyrants as our leaders in government, rather than having the people in control of our government leaders.
Yes, this happens when people become lethargic. People become lethargic when their knowledge is limited; and people’s knowledge becomes limited when an evil element takes over our education system.
Let’s take back America’s education system and go back to the basics.


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