The Two Tiered System

The demoncrats always speak of the two tiered justice system and how the rich republicans have one set of rules and everyone else has another; well, as in any lie, part of this is true. Today there is one set of rules for Conservative Christian Republicans and no rules for the liberal, anti-American demoncrats.
Don’t believe me let’s take a look at one of the most highly reported and lengthy investigations into President Trump. Yes the collusion crisis. First let’s compare this to President Clinton investigation.
President Clinton was found guilty, but the libs and media say he wasn’t guilty; it was a right wing conspiracy.
President Trump was found innocent, but the libs and media say he WAS guilty; someone must have been bought off or something.
Let’s dig a little deeper and spout off some names:
Hillary Clinton, Peter Struck, Lisa Page, , James Comey, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Andrew McCabe, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and who could forget Jesse “full of it” Smollet.
All of these individuals are liberal, anti-American Trump haters and have proven, beyond a doubt, to be guilty of a crime or crimes.
Here are some more names:
Michael Flynn – a decorated General, George Popadopoulos, Paul Manaford, Michael Cohen, Michael Caputo, and Roger Stone.
All of these individuals worked for Donald Trump during or after his election. Some of them may have committed crimes; some of them may have had them and/or their families threatened in order to coerce a confession out of them.
So I ask of you; what happened to these individuals?
The first set – the liberal anti-American Trump haters are all free as a bird; never charged with anything.
The second set – those who worked for Trump are all either in jail, about to be in jail, or are bankrupt because of the legal fees suffered while being subpoenaed by the Mueller investigation.
This is not simply an attack on our justice system, it is an attack on Conservative Christian Republicans; you know, Real American’s. We better wake up because if we continue to watch while others are being taken away… eventually it will by YOU that they will come for.
I encourage you to provide feedback to my vlogs and Please Subscribe to my sight. Remember to keep your eye on the ball. America does have many individual problems, but none of them can be resolved without knowing what the root of the problem is; trying to solve each problem individually only alleviates one problem while the root continues to reproduce more rapidly.
It is how evil works; it has you focused on seemingly indispensable dilemmas while the main problem is never attended to. America’s problem is because it has lost it moral compass, through the educating of our children. While America must attend too many of these problems; until we take back our education system… America and its children will continue to suffer.
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