Democrats and Serial Killers – The Have a Lot in Common_1

I was watching one of those based on a true story serial killer movie, where the killer toyed with the detectives.  At the end of the movie main character was talking with the detective who had dealt with from the beginning.  This detective was having a real problem processing all the murders and what he could have done better and was just plain distraught.  The main character told the detective that this is what serial killers do.  Their desire is not just to take lives it is to get into your head in such a way that it changes you.  They take your life by manipulating you with lies, manipulations of the truth so they do not simply attempt to take your life, they change the way you think, the way you feel and the way you live your life and how you live your life.  I investigated this and found it to be pretty much accurate.

What really struck me is these tactics of the serial killers are the same tactics used by liberal, anti-American, leftist democrats.  These people use these tactics in an attempt to control real Americans, to change the way we think, to change the way we feel, the way we live out lives and how we live our life.  They use terms like bigotry and racism to control us.

They take advantage of tragedies like George Floyd and use it to call white American’s, racist.  They convince black people and many white people to buy into this lie, despite the fact there are not that many white people who are racist.  They convince us that there is no racism from blacks; they excuse, rationalize, and justify the riots, looters, and violence because of history. 

Look at how they speak about President Trump and those that like and vote for him, with no facts, only manipulations of something he said.  Yesterday, President Trump walked a block to a chapel and lifted a Bible trying to inspire people to a peaceful resolution and stop the hateful rioting.  The TV channels and newspapers turned this into chastising the president as using this as a publicity stunt, a photo op because he is an egotistical narcissist, while everyone with a half a brain realize that if Obama would have done the same thing it would have been considered a brave, inspirational, life changing moment.

So, I hope you can see this for what it is.  Liberal, anti-American, leftist democrats, who truly have a disdain and hatred for the original intent of America, using the evil techniques of serial killers to defeat America. 

Real American’s know the end because God is in – control; however, we must not be manipulated to believe that excuses us from being active and awake.  Real American’s must be aware, be mindful, be alert and be cognizant of these serial killer tactics; for they are evil, these people are not our colleagues on the other side, they are not our friends, they are certainly not our allies.  They are our “the end justifies the means” enemy.  They are serial killers whose victim is America.


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