Stop Justifying the Looting

George Floyd eliminated COVID, COVID eliminated impeachment; impeachment eliminated collusion; collusion eliminated truth and justice.  I am especially nervous about what will eliminate George Floyd’s murder. 

So, let us talk a bit about the George Floyd incident.  I do know that if the scenario of Mr. Floyd’s murder only repulses you because of the race, that in and of itself makes you a racist.  Because you are making a judgment about this simply because of the race, which is the definition of racism.  This was repulsive because of what was done, not who it was done to.

It is race baiters that want you to make this about race.  And that is what really pisses me off, these race baiters who rationalize, justify, and excuse these violent protests and looters, which in reality is giving these evil thugs permission to loot, and riot. 

These race baiters say we need to see the bigger picture; understand the rage, the frustration at the historical racist injustice.  We need to feel the utter madness of a world where white men feel entitled and justified to kill a fellow human being.  White people have no idea what it is like to be a black man.  These rioters and looters just want justice, to move on with dignity and discipline, using only the weapons of love.

All this rhetoric implies that all white men are evil, racist and uncompassionate, which is not only an evil lie; but it again gives permission to the looters and rioters.

Now, the real fallacy behind this logic is these violent rioters, and looters have no interest in justice, discipline, or dignity.  They have no love except for themselves.   They only want to take something they have not earned for their own benefit, no matter the cost.

As in any manipulation, there is a smidgen of truth in what they say.  I mean I admit I do not know what it is like to be a black man; I do know what it is like to hated because I am white.  All the aforementioned statements are extremely racist.  I taught students in jail and expelled students for 22 years and can tell you I was hated simply because I was white; not only by the students by also staff and administration.

I was treated this way because of these race baiters who have made it socially acceptable to do so.  As long as we keep sensationalizing events like this it will continue increase. 

If we really want to, we do have a chance to change things:  One, through our education system, stop teaching this hatred; and two, by stop referring me as a white man and stop referring to Ben Carson as a black man.  We are simply men.  We can stop listening to the racist Jesse Jackasson and the racist Al “Not so” Sharpton who will sensationalize any situation that they can possibly turn into a racist event.

I mention our schools because this is where our children learn about the joys of no consequences.  I saw firsthand, students doing horrendous things with little or no consequences. So Is it any wonder they become unruly adults, where they fearlessly go into small businesses, knowing there will be no consequences for their theft? 

Remember this, when you have no morality or virtue and there are no consequences for your actions, you will live in bliss, while those around you with morality and virtue will live in misery.


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