The Exploitation of Racism in America

Just saw the idiot Al “Notso” Sharpton using George Floyd as an excuse to bash the president. I heard one of Floyd’s brothers say that racism killed his brother. It is words like these that simply breaks my heart for America.

These uncaring, self righteous, holier-than-thou, spotlight seekers who use tragedies and catastrophe’s to further support their misguided evil beliefs, who when they heard of this heartbreaking event were not simply delighted; they were overjoyed, elated probably even electrified.

Maybe you’ll understand this better if you ask yourself, “Who benefits the most from tragic events like this?” Yes, Jesse Jackasson, “Notso” Sharpton, the mainstream media (think of the papers and viewership), ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, those who thrive and survive off -of racism; and mostly those who –supposedly fight racism.

Now ask yourself what happens to all these people and groups if racism no longer exists? At least to point where we realize it exists on both sides and consider it for what it is; evil individuals acting evil.

All these groups and individuals will no longer have the mike, the glory, their soap boxes; they will all disappear. And will that really be a bad thing?

My point is that if America is to survive this we must realize this:

Racism did not kill George Floyd, an evil man did, not an evil white man an evil man; just like it was an evil man who killed the cop in Las Vegas, not an evil black man; just an evil man.

No; racism didn’t kill George Floyd but it is killing America; not racism itself, but the focus, the direction, the path we have put it on where we can excuse, rationalize and justify evil actions simply by using the word racism.

We must fact the facts that racism will always exist, because evil will always exist here on earth; however, today, we must understand racism for what it is, hatred. Not a white man hating a black man; but hatred of anyone simply because of the color of their skin.

Until we can do that … America is doomed to continue down this path to destruction.  And who will benefit from that.  Yes… Our enemies.


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