Jim was born in St. Paul Minnesota in 1954 and raised in an era and a family that valued respect and consideration for others. So it is no surprise that he would find it difficult to teach in an era that is only looking out for themselves. This book is going to be very controversial to a lot of people and Jim was forced to retire to bring you the truth and expose the dirty little secrets of the administration and leaders in education. However, when asked he said that if this book can make a difference, it would all be worth it.

In this book you will read about the trial and tribulations that Jim faced to stand up for the true need for respect and discipline to be brought back into the school system.

This book “Public Schools – The Worst Case of Child Abuse in American History” was originally titled “Teachers… It Ain’t Your Fault.”

When the school learned of the existence of the book they fabricated a story against Jim and suspended him; a suspension that would last fourteen months. The week the book was initially released the school district terminated him for unthinkable reasons.

Jim is a doer and a fighter so he, of course, fought the school district and their vindictiveness. Eight months later he was totally vindicated and was given his job back as well as receiving full compensation of all benefits and wages. The school district made the mistake of believing Jim would simply go away and it cost them dearly.

He is known as an “achiever” as he founded two local chapter of the Christian Educators Association as an alternative for teachers to the National Education Association (NEA). Jim was believed to be the major reason that local membership of the NEA dropped from over ninety percent to under eighty percent as he shed light on the evils of the NEA.

He was a High School Sports Official for over twenty years and until forced to retire, Jim was a teacher for twenty-two years in the Clark County School District, dealing with the most problematic and challenging students. Thirteen of those years he spent mentoring children in Juvenile Jail and another eight teaching expelled students.

An Air Force veteran, Jim also took his talents to the political field when he ran for the United States Congress in 1998 and 2000.

He was the conservative voice for teachers in an attempt to bring back America to its foundation. Although defeated in both attempts, that did not deter his drive to return America to its once greatness or his effort to fix an education system that has been deteriorating for so many years. Jim’s published letters to the editor of a local newspaper, several articles published on internet news wires and writing his own blog, although have put a bulls-eye on him, have genuinely opened the eyes of many local leaders in the community.

He made a real impact while serving on the Executive Board of Nevada Concerned Citizens, a local political group. He has a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology and three Bachelor’s degrees in Communications, Drama and Speech.